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It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about music. A few years ago, I used to do one once a week. They were called My Weekly Soundtrack, and in them I’d put the links to YouTube videos of songs that had been stuck in my head at some point during that week. A few of you were fans of this series of posts, but after taking a break from blogging a while back, I never revived the idea.

For those of you who are hoping that this post will be that revival, it’s not.

It might be fun to start up that series again, but I doubt that I’d keep up with it for very long. There’s no point in going on with it if I’m just going to drop it again soon.

So, what I’m going to do instead is review a few albums, that have released within the last year or so, by bands that I have followed for a while. Up first is the one I liked the least.

Ember by Breaking Benjamin was a big disappointment to me. Up until this album, I’ve pretty much liked everything they’ve ever done. On this one, not so much.

Don’t get me wrong. There are a couple of good songs on it. Red Cold River isn’t bad. But, overall, it just really wasn’t that good to me. Listening to it, I felt like they were going out of their way to not sound like Breaking Benjamin anymore.

The next CD is the newest on, Evolution by Disturbed. I haven’t listened to this one as much as the others. I try to give an album a few listens before I render judgment and I might need to listen to this one at least one more time before coming to a final conclusion. I’m kinda on the fence about it.

On one hand, there are a number of regular Disturbed-type songs, and they’re good. On the other, there are a couple of songs in the same style as Sound of Silence. I mean, the melodies were different. The lyrics were different, but all I kept hearing was, “Hello, darkness, my old friend.” I’m not sure what to do with that.

The last of the albums is the one that I thought I’d like the least, but, in my mind anyway, ended up being the best of the bunch: When Legends Rise by Godsmack.

Godsmack’s previous album, 1000hp, was not very good in my opinion. So, when this one released, I wasn’t expecting much, but I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it. Most of the songs are very catchy and infectious, but still have a good dose of kickass to them. Their first single, Bulletproof, is a good example of that.

There’s not really a bad song on this album. Sure, there’s a couple teetering on the border between decent and good, but there aren’t any that are bad. I can’t think of many albums that have no bad songs on them and this is one of them.

That’s all for now, folks. May all your music be good.

My Weekly Soundtrack: 2/18/2014

Hello, everyone. Welcome to me.

It’s time for another edition of My Weekly Soundtrack. This week there will be a theme. My team lead at work has been going on for the past few workdays about song covers that are better than the originals. So, all of these songs are in that category, in my opinion. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the originals. I just think these versions are better.

Some of them have been on one of these lists before, but listen to them anyways. They’re awesome songs.

The first song this week is Last Kiss by Pearl Jam.

Second this week is Turn the Page by Metallica.

Our third song this week is Alien Ant Farm’s version of Smooth Criminal.

This week’s fourth song is Shout 2000 by Disturbed.

Seether’s take on Careless Whisper is fifth.

Careless Whisper isn’t the only George Michael song that was done better by someone else. Here’s Limp Bizkit covering Faith.

Last this week is Ugly Kid Joe’s take on Cats in the Cradle.

There you have it everyone. Hope you enjoy this week’s songs. Also, be sure and let me know which songs I may have missed with my list. Are there any covers out there that you think are better than the original?

My Weekly Soundtrack: 12/10

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a soundtrack based simply on genre. This week, I’m going back to basics and just going with songs that have been stuck in my head at some point during the past few days. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them.

Up first is Unraveling, by Sevendust.

Our second song is Better Think Again, by Submersed.

There might be some subtext in this song, but, if there is, it’s too subtle for me.

Fourth is a song by Chevelle called Mexican Sun.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Stephen Lynch song, so here’s one that popped into my head after watching a Christmas special.

Here’s a song by Dark New Day called Evergreen.

Last for this week is Disturbed with their song, Serpentine.

Well everyone, that’s it for this week’s soundtrack. As always, I hope you enjoyed the music and wish you all a good week.


My Weekly Soundtrack: 10/29

Baby E has three shows that she likes to watch….or at least have on in the background as she gets into everything she’s not supposed to be getting into. The first two are ones that she’ll watch with her cousins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Bubble Guppies. The third is all her. That’s to be expected, however, as it is a princess show and she’s the only girl (on my side of the family anyways). The show is called Sofia the First.


Sofia, like any of the other movies/shows about Disney princesses, has its characters occasionally breaking out into song for no particular reason. In one, Sofia’s sister starts singing as she’s walking through the castle. Then, as she’s walking, the castle maids join in, singing background. Granted, outside of other Disney movies, I haven’t seen all that many musicals (This is because I find it incredibly weird when people break out into song for no reason). I’ve seen enough to notice something, though: Apparently nobody has a bad singing voice. Even the people in the background are good singers. They also somehow know exactly what the main character is going to sing.

Here’s a scene that I’d like to see (although because I don’t watch musicals, this may have already been done before and I just don’t know about it): The main character breaks out into song. After a minute of singing, everyone in the background joins in. Seconds after everyone joins in, it becomes obvious that one of the background singers is singing the wrong words and is incredibly off key. Everyone in the song stops and looks at the bad singer. He, or she, apologizes and walks away. The main character looks at one of the other background singers, shrugs, and then they start singing again where they left off.

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My Weekly Soundtrack 10-1

It’s Tuesday again, my friends. That means it’s time for another installment of my weekly soundtrack. I know, I know. Control yourselves, though. Lining up to bow down to my impeccable taste in music may seem necessary, but, I assure you, it isn’t.

With that in mind, I decided to do a theme this week. Not in the music, as it is just random songs, but in the way I present them. I bet you’ll never guess what it is, either. Continue reading

My Weekly Soundtrack: 8/27

Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends…no matter how much you may want it to. That’s right. Today is Tuesday. You know what that means. It means that I’m going to hit you with another one of my playlists. I’m going to stick with last week’s theme and just post songs that have been stuck in my head at some point during the past week.

The first song is one of those times when a song that I don’t really like got stuck in my head. I actually hadn’t heard it in years, so I’m still not sure why it popped into my head in the first place. Oh well. Just one of those things, I guess. Now I’m going to put it up here so you’ll have to share my pain.
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My Weekly Soundtrack 4/23

It’s Tuesday, my friends. That can only mean one thing….. uhh does anyone know what that means? Oh, thank you Alice. It means it’s time for my weekly soundtrack. No theme this week, just songs that have been stuck in my head some time during the past week or so.

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