My Weekly Soundtrack 1/28/14

It’s been awhile……since I’ve done one of these posts.

In my defense, I’ve been busy…and lazy. Anyways, it’s time for me to force my music upon you once again. These are just songs that have been stuck in my head at one point or another during the past week. Let’s get on with the show!

Up first, the song that inspired the first line of this post. Here’s some Staind.

Second on this list is The Kill, by 30 Seconds to Mars.

Our third song for today is Away by Breaking Benjamin.

Fourth is Flaw with their song Recognize.

In the fifth spot is Green Day with their song Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.

Sixth is Classic Rock Song by Stephen Lynch.

Our last song for this week is Race Against Myself by The Offspring.

Well, folks, there you have it. Another week’s worth of music that has been floating around in my head. I know it’s not pleasant being in my head, but be thankful. You only have to be in there once a week. I’m in there all the time.

My Weekly Soundtrack: 12/10

The past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a soundtrack based simply on genre. This week, I’m going back to basics and just going with songs that have been stuck in my head at some point during the past few days. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy them.

Up first is Unraveling, by Sevendust.

Our second song is Better Think Again, by Submersed.

There might be some subtext in this song, but, if there is, it’s too subtle for me.

Fourth is a song by Chevelle called Mexican Sun.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Stephen Lynch song, so here’s one that popped into my head after watching a Christmas special.

Here’s a song by Dark New Day called Evergreen.

Last for this week is Disturbed with their song, Serpentine.

Well everyone, that’s it for this week’s soundtrack. As always, I hope you enjoyed the music and wish you all a good week.


My Weekly Soundtrack: Accidental Vacation

I’m sure that one or two of you noticed that I didn’t do one of these posts last week. It’s not because I didn’t want to, or that I didn’t have time to. It’s because my internet was shut off (On a side note: being broke sucks ass). I was able to keep in touch with a few of you through email (which I was able to do at work), but other than that, last week was internet free for me.

For this week’s soundtrack, I’m just going with songs that have been stuck in my head lately. I wrote a song about it. Want to hear it? Here it goes!

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My Weekly Soundtrack: Bounceback

This past week has been complete shit here in Stuphland. On top of the normal BS (such as work and, in my case, always being in pain), this happened. Then this happened. Like I said, a shitty week.

To get past all of this, and on to something better, I’m doing something a little different with this week’s soundtrack. Since I’ve spent much of the week on the verge of tears, I thought I’d go for the opposite with my selections this week: comedy. I’ll be putting up things that make me laugh: songs, stand-up routines, and maybe even a skit or two.

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My Weekly Soundtrack 6/11

Hola amigos. Today is Tuesday. That means it is time for me to force you into listening to my music. Ok, well I can’t actually force you into listening to it. You can choose not to play the songs that I pick. I just like to pretend I have some sort of power over you.
While I have your attention, you should go check out this awesome post by BrainRants. It’s all kinds of amazing. Onto the music!
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Wednesday Again…

I know, I know. I’m late with my soundtrack again. Sorry. Mrs. Revis got off work early last night, so we had a family night. After we ate dinner, we put Baby E in her stroller and went on a walk around the neighborhood. Every so often, Baby E would point at something and scream, “Babamamadada,” which I think means, “Hey look, it’s a dog,” because she usually only did it when we passed someone who was walking their dog. Although, she also did it a few times when she was pointing at nothing…

I know what you’re thinking: But Revis, you had enough time to post on your blog yesterday! That is true, I did. However, I wrote that post at work and emailed it to myself, so all I had to do was cut and paste it after I got home. It only took me a couple of minutes. To do these soundtrack posts, it takes longer cause I have to look up all of the videos.

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YouTube Wednesday???

Sorry I’m late on this one. My daughter was incredibly fussy last night, so I didn’t get a chance to get on the computer. It is finally time to listen to my weekly soundtrack. I can only think of one person that I know for sure is waiting anxiously for this (and that’s why I love you, my dear Jaded), so I won’t keep her in suspense any longer.

Here’s some Stephen Lynch for you, my dear Jaded.

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