Join the Taco Party!!!

This past presidential election has left people paying far more attention to politics than they normally would. If you’re anything like me, however, the election did nothing to put your mind at ease about the direction our country is going in. Perhaps that’s because the two political parties that we have do nothing except bark back and forth at each other and accomplish nothing.

Because of this, my writing partner Matticus and I have decided to create our own political party, the Taco Party. Our official party position is simple: Tacos are the solution to every problem and, if a problem ever comes along that tacos don’t fix, at least you still have tacos.

So, if you feel the same, join Matticus and I in the Taco Party!

The Best Bounty Hunter in the Old Republic

I am the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. I always get my mark. Unfortunately, being the best doesn’t always guarantee steady work. Nobody in the Republic will hire me. Even the Sith steer clear of me because of the destruction I leave in my wake. Only those who reek of desperation seek my aid, and I am forced to take them up on their offers because I also have that same reek.

Normally, someone in my position would constantly be looking over their shoulders, looking for the next threat, but they all know better than to come up behind me. They’ll run into the invisible wall that I put up at my back, a wall that rocks their senses.

If you have need of a bounty hunter like me, I am available for hire. I am the best. I am my target’s worst nightmare.

I am Kropp Dusten.

Missing It

I got off work early (for once) a few days ago and I decided to go somewhere that I had not been in a long time. It had probably been somewhere between 5-10 years since I last stepped foot in the place. As it is less than a mile away from where I work, and I pass it every day on my way home, I wondered why I hadn’t stopped in there sooner.

I paid a visit to the comic book store. Well, one of the two in my area anyway. The one I used to visit more often is a little further out of my way, so I went to this one instead.

Stepping inside again was slightly strange. It took me back a little bit. In addition to the new comics that lined the walls, there were rows of boxes containing back issues. I had to stop myself from rummaging through them by reminding myself that the reason I hadn’t been there in years was because I don’t have the room to store physical copies of comic books anymore. That’s why all my comic reading is done digitally now.

So, instead of going through the comics, I walked around to look at everything else they had to offer, like collectibles and gaming accessories. While I was perusing, I came across a book for a tabletop RPG that I didn’t know existed. It was a Dresden Files RPG.

As a fan of the Dresden Files novels, I was intrigued by this. I went to pick it up, but I stopped myself again. It would have been pointless to look at it. I don’t have the time to play tabletop¬† RPGs anymore. Even if I did, I only know of one other person that’s a fan of the book series who might’ve even had the slightest interest in playing it with me, and I haven’t talked to him since I left my old job a year ago.

It got me thinking again about how much I miss playing those tabletop games. I miss being with a group of people, getting away from reality for a little while.

Who knows? Maybe someday life will calm down and I can get back into it, even if it’s just an every once in a while kind of thing. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

RTotD: 20352

I used to work for Hellmart. I worked there for 11 long years. Most of that time was horrible. Other than meeting some awesome people (my wife included), there weren’t really a lot of good things that happened there. Especially around the holidays. ‘The most wonderful time of the year’ doesn’t apply when you work retail.

There was one thing, however, that I enjoyed doing when I worked there, and I could only do it around the holidays. Every year, around the beginning of December, we’d get in a big shipment of Danish Butter Cookies. I didn’t eat them, or anything, but I did thoroughly enjoy taking a Sharpie to the display boxes and coloring in the E R at the end of butter.

A Moo Point

I drove by a farm today and there was a herd of cows feeding in the pasture. As I was passing them, I thought to myself that cows are lucky. They don’t need to worry about working, putting food on the table, or paying bills. All they need to do is stand there, eat, and sleep. That’s their entire existence. Plus, to top it off, when they die, people pay to eat their ass.

Man, what a life…