CrossGen Books

About a year ago (I can actually tell you how long ago, as I’m about to post a link, but I really just feel like saying ‘about a year ago’), I wrote a piece about the comic book Negation and its publisher, CrossGen. For a while, I collected many different CrossGen titles. In addition to Negation, I also read Route 666 (a horror series), The Way of the Rat (a mystical/martial arts story), The Path (a story about a samurai), Brath (a Braveheart-like story about an almost-Irish tribe of warriors and their battle against a Roman Empire-ish  conqueror), and El Cazador (a book actually set on Earth about 17th Century pirates).

A couple of months ago, I was telling one of my coworkers about how good I thought some of the CrossGen books were. Apparently, he really trusts my opinions, because he went right out and found copies of the entire run of both Negation and Way of the Rat. After he got done reading them, he asked me if I wanted to read them again…. Of course I want to read them again, you idiot!!

Right before I started reading, I actually stopped for a second. Would I like these as much as I did the first time? Am I setting myself up for disappointment by reading these again? Only one way to find out… Continue reading

Versus: Episode 13

In the last episode of Versus, I did matchups of different actors playing the same character (I know it was a long time ago, so if you forgot what happened, click here). This time, I thought I’d flip it. I decided to go with matchups of different characters played by the same actor.

As with all of my other matchups, I’m going to try to keep them as fair as I possibly can. After all, Harrison Ford played both Han Solo and Indiana Jones, but that wouldn’t be much of a fair fight. A whip and a pistol may be good in the 1930s, but they’re no match for a blaster at your side.

Because they both have powers, I was tempted to do an Ian McKellan: Magneto vs. Gandalf matchup. I won’t be doing that one…at least not yet. I’d like to keep from reusing characters as long as I can and I’ve already done a matchup with Gandalf. Speaking of Lord of the Rings, however…. Continue reading

Random Thoughts of the Day: 1/25/15

I haven’t done one of these “Random Thoughts” posts in a while, so I figured I’d throw some of my random thoughts together for you to ignore. If you have any random thoughts of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments. Remember, they don’t have to make sense. After all, they are random.

  • Is it just me, or is everyone else having trouble writing things here on WordPress? The past few times I’ve gone to write a post, I’ve had to copy and paste it from somewhere else because typing it is slow as hell. I’ll type a sentence and then have to wait for like two minutes before WordPress catches up and the whole sentence is on the screen. I already don’t have a lot of time to blog and this isn’t helping any.

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Sceptre of Chaos Chapter 12

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Fragiel opened his eyes and was disturbed when he saw nothing. He kept himself from crying out. Instead, he focused on simply opening and closing his eyes every few seconds. Not long afterwards, he was rewarded for his patience when his vision started coming back to him. The last thing he remembered was the brightest flash he had ever seen.

When he was finally able to see clearly again, the first thing he noticed was that none of the hybrids were still in the chamber with him. Looking around, he didn’t see anyone at all. For a moment, he began to wonder why he was alone in the room now. That’s when he heard someone coughing. Fragiel grabbed his mace, not knowing who he might find, and ran towards the sound.

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Counting Them Out

I have gotten into the habit of not writing about football on this blog because I’ve noticed that most of the people that read my blog don’t really care much about football. However, since my Ohio State Buckeyes won the National Championship last night, I thought I’d make an exception and do a post about them.

If you’re not a football fan, don’t worry. In truth, this post will be about a football team, but will have very little to do with the actual game itself. This post is about what they had to go through to get where they are now. The drama all started before the season even began.

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The Unexpected Choice

Recently, I put out a call for people to state their case for fiction’s greatest archer over at The Matticus Kingdom. A few people have already entered their submissions, and, since I’m the one who issued the challenge, I figured I should put my two cents in there as well. Although, with the way my mind has been working lately, it might be closer to one cent than two.

As I stated in my original post, there is no shortage of characters to choose from. There are a bunch of famous archers throughout fiction: Robin Hood, Legolas, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and William Tell. It would be fairly easy for me to make a case for any of these archers as being fiction’s greatest archer. I don’t like doing things the easy way, however. So, I decided I’d try to make a case for a more unknown archer. The question now was, “Who am I going to pick?”

After some thought, I decided I’d go with……

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Merry Holiday Times and a Happy Calendar Changing

I just wanted to tell everyone that I hope you all had a great Christmas, whether you actually celebrated the holiday, or not.

Before you ask, mine was pretty good…until I started feeling like crap on Christmas Day. Thankfully, I didn’t start feeling bad until after we finished our festivities with Mrs. Revis’ family that morning (We do Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve). I ended up going to the doctor on Friday and she informed me that I had the flu. Unfortunately, it’s the gift that keeps on giving as now Baby E has been up all night coughing. So, now I’m home from work again because I’m still not feeling well and I’m trying to keep my daughter’s spirits up as she’s sick. I feel a heavy dose of “Doo Doo” coming my way. Ugh…. Continue reading