My Trip to The Shoe

As many of you may know, I am a big fan of Ohio State football. I have been for as long as I can remember. The highlights of my fandom had been watching them win the National Championships in both 2002 and 2015. I didn’t think anything other than another championship would come close to getting me that pumped up about them. Then, something did.

On Friday, while I was on lunch,  I was playing around on Facebook. I saw a post made by my best friend from high school (the one from the unintentional pickup line story). He said he had an extra ticket to the Ohio State game the following day. Someone else had already asked about it, so I figured he would take that person and I put it out of my mind.

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Random Questions

Today is Thursday. That means it’s my day to post. I’ve been sick the past couple of days, so I really haven’t felt like thinking about writing anything. Because of that, I didn’t really think of a post topic.

So, how do I post if I don’t have a topic? It’s simple.

I went to the almighty Google and looked up some random questions for me to answer. After all, who needs a post topic if all you’re doing is answering questions? Brilliant, I tell you!

So, I picked the first 10 questions on the list, and I will answer them for you. Here we go!

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Letting Go To Slip Away

We haven’t done one of these in a while, so here is the long anticipated next poetic duet between the ever talented Jaded and myself.

When I close my eyes

All I can see is you

Everything you are to me

And everything you do

My eyes rarely close

I can’t  miss a moment of you

Sleep or blinking knows

I will be losing  you

Feel you close to me

My heartbeat quickening

They echo in my head

The sound is deafening

Press you tightly

in my embrace

thoughts that I may lose you

make my mind race

Hold you close

Never want to let go

Feel you slip away

And I don’t want to know

I don’t want to slip

That you should know

I lose my vice grip

And plummet below

What to do?

It seems like more and more lately that I’m having trouble coming up with things to write about on this blog. Even if I do think of something, I will either think of it while I’m working and forget what it is by the time I have a second to write, or I’ll talk myself out of writing whatever topic I had come up with. This usually includes my arguing with myself.

I’ll think, “I’m going to write an opinion piece about this current event.”

The other side of my brain counters with, “Why would you want to do that? Nobody gives a shit what your opinion is.”

Good point, other side of my brain. What else can I write about? How about sports? Football season just started.

No. Everyone ignores your football posts.

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A few months ago, I told you all about a story I was going to write. It was to be written in script form in hopes that,  one day, I could get it turned into a comic book. I was very excited about it. There was a plan and everything.

Originally, I was wanting to take an already established hero that I thought was either, in my opinion, not very good or not very powerful and write a story that turned them into a badass. It was just supposed to be a little fanfic for me to post on this here blog.

When I couldn’t think of one I wanted to do, I decided to reach back and pick one that I had made up years ago that I thought would work. As the story came together in my mind, I thought that since I was using my own characters, I might as well try to get it published. I would love to have one of my stories published in a comic book. So, that’s when I started writing it in script form.

(I know that anyone who has read my old posts would know all that already, but it seemed like less work to summarize those posts than to link them for the people that haven’t. Sorry.)

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Back From the Dead

As some of my longtime readers know, I used to do a series of stories about a superhero named Captain Procrastination, who used his superspeed to save the day at the last minute (because he was too lazy to do it before then). It was just something goofy that popped into my head at work. I wrote it because it was something that I didn’t have to take too seriously and it was easy to write.

Eventually, it became kind of a pain to write. It wasn’t fun anymore. I didn’t think he’d ever become fun to write again, so I killed him off.

The other day, I was once again bored at work. Another story popped into my head. This time, it was a very lazy way to bring Captain Procrastination back to life. I thought about doing it. At one point, I had opened up a blank post and was just about to start typing.

Then, I stopped myself.

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Life with Baby E

Life with children is very interesting. They’re very good at keeping you on your toes. It gets even more intense as they begin speaking. This is mainly because the things they say will either make you laugh, or make you mad.

Baby E is no exception to this rule. Half the time she’s whining about not getting her way. The other half is spent saying something that makes my day.

Here are a few examples of the latter (there actually should be more here but I keep forgetting to write them down as they happen):

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