Southside Protector: Finale

Blood ran freely from Kennedy’s nose. She also had some dripping from the right side of her mouth and a cut on the left side of her forehead. That would probably be enough to keep most people out of a fight, but Protectors weren’t most people. They had training, and physical enhancements, that nobody else in the world had. Protectors could take and dish out more punishment than any other people on Earth.

That particular fact was both a blessing and a curse for Daniel Carter at this moment.
It was good because it allowed him to survive the punishment that he’d received at the hands of the dragon. Well, the legs of the dragon, he thought. Although, if Emmeline was to be believed, he reminded himself, the dragon had sat on him, so perhaps ‘the ass of the dragon’ would be more apt. The more he thought about it, however, he didn’t ever want to tell people that he’d received punishment from a dragon’s ass, so he decided to stick with ‘hands of the dragon’.

Now that he’d cleared that up in his mind, he turned to the curse part of the equation. That part was how that same Protector enhancements allowed Kennedy to recover from the beating he had given her and attack his ally Robbie. At the moment, Robbie was still alive, but he was hurt pretty badly. Kennedy stood over him with a knife. She reached down and, with the extra strength of a Protector, picked Robbie off the ground to use him as a human shield.

Daniel didn’t hesitate. Continue reading

Southside Protector: Chapter 9

The explosion happened closer to him than he was expecting. In fact, it probably happened the moment the RPG armed, or the millisecond after. Shrapnel pelted his armor, but not much. The blast of an RPG is designed to go in the same direction as the explosive was going. Still, the shockwave thudded in his chest and made it hard for Daniel to breathe for a few seconds.

The dragon, on the other hand, shrieked. Its body began to flail about. Daniel wondered if it was in its death throes, but the cloud of fire retardant chemicals still made it more difficult to see everything. All he saw was the vague shape of the dragon moving about erratically.

Suddenly, he found it difficult to breathe again. It wasn’t the shockwave or the chemicals that did it this time, although they didn’t help. It was the dragon leg that hit him squarely in the chest. He went flying backwards out of the cloud until he slammed into the armored vehicle. Stars appeared in his vision as he landed in a sitting position and he hoped he wouldn’t black out.

Beside him, he saw Kennedy begin to stir. That wasn’t what he needed at that moment. He was having enough trouble trying to fight the dragon. Adding Kennedy back into the mix wouldn’t do him any good. His hand reached over and grabbed a handful of Kennedy’s hair. Daniel pulled her closer to him, positioned her head under his armpit, and fell with all the weight he could muster to land on her face. Continue reading

Game of Thrones

It seems like half of my newsfeed on Facebook the past couple of weeks has been about Game of Thrones. Out of those posts, half of them were talking about how they’re excited for this new season, while the other half are bragging about how they’ve never seen a single episode. In fact, I think five different friends of mine posted the same picture that said “I’m part of the 1% of the population that hasn’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones”. Given how many people I’ve seen share that picture, I doubt the validity of the math on that one.

I, myself, am in the latter group. I have never seen an episode of the show.

When it was only a season or two along, I was thinking about giving it a try. Then, in an ironic twist, it was somebody who was trying to talk me into watching the show that ended up talking me out of it. He said, and I quote, “You should watch Game of Thrones. It’s a good show, once you get past the incest.”

Ummmm…… excuse me?

Incest? No thanks. I’ll just be over here in the incest free zone.

Those Were the Days

While going through some boxes that were in my closet, I came across an old binder with a folder and some papers in it. I opened it up to see what was inside. It was a bunch of old character sheets from D & D. Some of them were filled out. Some of them were blanks.

I took a few minutes to look at some of the characters I had created.

There was Shade Bladesinger, a Neutral Evil halfling Bard/Assassin. Another was Danalia, the chaotic good female half-elf who was part fighter, part cleric. Hell, there was one character that had 5 different classes. I don’t remember ever playing that one, but that sounds like it would suck to play. Even at high levels, it would be someone who could do a lot of little things, but nothing very powerful. “Look! A dragon! I’ll do one point of damage to it with my magic missile!”

I remember my D & D playing days fondly, for the most part. Yeah, there were some problems with other players on occasion, but overall they were fun times. It was freeing to let your imagination run wild while chance dictated your moves. Before my original gaming group went to shit, that was probably the most fun I’ve had playing any kind of game.

Then, life and time happened.

I would like to play a tabletop RPG again, whether it’s D & D or something else. The problem is finding the time and the right people to play the game with.

Unfortunately, I don’t see either of those things happening any time soon, so I’m stuck reminiscing about the good old days. On the bright side, walking down memory lane from time to time is fun too.

Southside Protector: Chapter 8

Daniel headbutted Kennedy again. When he felt her go slack, he punched her a couple of times to ensure that she was out. Convinced that she wasn’t playing possum, he flipped her onto her stomach, pulled her hands behind her back, and reached for his restraints. That’s when he remembered that he didn’t bring them. The plan was for them to fight the dragon. Human restraints do nothing for that so they left them behind.

The roar of the dragon brought his focus back to the problem at hand. He didn’t have the time to think of an improvised solution, but the only way to be positive that Kennedy wouldn’t give them any more trouble was to kill her. As mad as he was at her for siding with the dragon, he wasn’t ready to go that far. That feeling might change if he discovered that she had indeed killed Nikki. If he found that Nikki was dead, he wouldn’t hesitate to dish out Kennedy’s punishment; the death penalty.

Daniel picked her up and dragged her over to the armored vehicle. She groaned right before he slammed her head against the metal plates three times. On a normal person, that action would have crushed their skull. On a person infused with the Protector serum, he was afraid it wasn’t enough to keep her out of the rest of the fight. It would have to do for the moment.

He looked back to see what had happened behind him while he was dealing with Kennedy. Robbie and Emmeline were still keeping the dragon occupied, though the dragon had dropped to the ground from the top of the parking and appeared to be more angry than usual. Then, he saw why. The RPG had blasted the tip of its tail off. That made him smile. That’s when the question became whether he should go after the RPG launcher or check on Nikki. Continue reading


I just got done watching the third (and final) season of Dark Matter on Netflix (if you haven’t given this show a chance, you’re missing out) and I’m angry about its cancellation all over again. I would love to be able to give it at least one more season, if for no other reason than to tie up all of the storylines.

A few days ago, my team lead said something similar, except he would like to do a reboot of the show Heroes. He likes the first season, but the rest of the series kind of blows. His idea was to start completely over and to get rid of all the inconsistencies in the story that were added during the later seasons.

So, that got me to thinking: if someone from a TV network or streaming service, like Netflix, told me that they would let me develop shows based on any property that weren’t currently in use, what would they be?

Continue reading

My First Fan Fiction

The very first thing I ever wrote in story form was a novelized version of the first solo campaign I ever ran in D & D. At the time, I thought it was great. Reading it now, it’s horrible. It is easily the worst thing I’ve ever written. The dialogue is boring. The characters are basic and/or carbon copies of other characters that I had read before. For example, one character was a half-elf named Roderigo (named after a Seven Mary Three song) who was nothing more than a mixture of the characters Tanis Half-Elven and Raistlin Majere from the DragonLance novels.

After that, I started writing my Dead Set series. I wasn’t really worried about the writing on this one as I was originally intending it to be turned into a comic book. Therefore, none of my grammatical errors mattered because they wouldn’t exist in an image of the action my words were depicting. It was great. I just wrote whatever came to me. Then, when it became evident that they would never actually be turned into comic books, I stopped writing it.

That didn’t stop me from writing comic book stories, however.

I came up with some characters of my own and drew the books out in my horrible stick figure-ish style, where they were only viewed by my closest friends (Before you ask, none of them still exist, so don’t ask me to post them). There were a couple of others that I wrote out in the same style as Dead Set too. One was called Haunted Angel, which addressed what happened to Father Michaels after he left Dead Set (though he wasn’t the main character of the book).

Another one was the very first fan fiction I ever wrote. It was an X-Men story. Although, thinking back on it now, while it may have been a story that had the X-Men in it, it was mostly a way to introduce three original characters of my own.

The basic premise was that there was a standoff at an army base between the troops and mutants. Professor X uses Cerebro to determine that there are two mutants there and dispatches Cyclops, Storm, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Chamber, and Wolverine to diffuse the situation. When they get there, they find that the two mutants are brothers and that they’re joined by their other brother, who was a soldier at the base.

The soldier brother was discharged from the army after a blood test determined that he was also a mutant. He was trying to talk to his superior officers to ask for a new test, because he had never shown any mutant abilities, when things predictably got out of hand. His brothers, who were there to drive him home from the base, stepped in to defend him and it ended up in a standoff.

There was no big X-Men villain, like Magneto or Apocalypse, in the story. The main bad guy was an anti-mutant army officer who tried to kill them all instead of following his orders to de-escalate the situation.

As much as I would like to post this story for you all to read, I can’t. When I originally wrote the story, I started it in one notebook, but ended up finishing it in another when the original notebook (which also had other things I had written in it) became full. Over the course of the many, many moves I’ve been forced to endure since I wrote the story, I’ve lost the original notebook. All I can find is the notebook with the final two chapters in it.

And, I’d like to tell you all about the brothers from the story, but I might end up repurposing them for one of the dozen or so story ideas I have kicking around my head at the moment.

I guess you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you that I think you’d like it.