I just got done watching the third (and final) season of Dark Matter on Netflix (if you haven’t given this show a chance, you’re missing out) and I’m angry about its cancellation all over again. I would love to be able to give it at least one more season, if for no other reason than to tie up all of the storylines.

A few days ago, my team lead said something similar, except he would like to do a reboot of the show Heroes. He likes the first season, but the rest of the series kind of blows. His idea was to start completely over and to get rid of all the inconsistencies in the story that were added during the later seasons.

So, that got me to thinking: if someone from a TV network or streaming service, like Netflix, told me that they would let me develop shows based on any property that weren’t currently in use, what would they be?

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Coming Back

Have you ever noticed that when you’re watching a movie or TV show about someone who either goes missing for a long time or comes back from the dead, their significant other always hooks up with the missing person’s best friend or family member? And it’s always the same story too. It’s always, “We didn’t plan for this to happen. We just got close while we helped each other cope with the grief of losing you.”

Maybe it’s happened before, and I just haven’t seen it, but I would like to see one of those scenes where the friend or family member doesn’t say, “I don’t know how to tell you this but… I hooked up with your significant other.” Instead, they tell the person who just came back, “I don’t know how to tell you this but… I haven’t seen them since the memorial service we had for you. We hated each other. We just faked it for your sake.”

It would just be a nice change of pace.

DC Shows

This is actually a post that I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’ve held off on it, however, as I wanted to wait until the two new shows had a chance to get at least half a season in. I didn’t think it would be very fair to judge them before then. I’ll go ahead and start with the first show to air, which is now in its third season, Arrow.

When this show first came out, I really didn’t want anything to do with it. I hadn’t really seen, or read, much with the Green Arrow in it, but what I did see didn’t really interest me. This will probably sound ridiculous, as Green Arrow came out at least ten years earlier, but he always seemed to me to be a lamer version of Hawkeye. Hawkeye’s arrows were more technological and badass. Plus, the Green Arrow was walking around in the movie costume from Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

After the second season of Arrow ended, one of the guys I worked with told me that I needed to watch it. I told him everything I said above. He admitted that he didn’t really like Green Arrow that much either, but that Arrow was a very good show. Still, I was leery about watching it. Finally, I agreed to give it a shot.

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The Lost Ending

The TV show Lost has been over for a few years now and the ending still upsets many fans. Personally, I didn’t like or dislike the ending. I thought there were things it did well. There were also things it didn’t do well. In my experience, I seem to be alone in this. Everyone else I know who watched the show is at the ends of the spectrum: they either absolutely love it, or they absolutely hate it. Most of them are on the “I hated the ending” team.

The problem with the Lost finale is that the Lost world was too big and had too fanatical of a following. Because of this, the expectations for it were set incredibly high. That meant that no matter how they ended the show, they’d end up pissing somebody off. If the people who hated the old ending got a new ending that they liked, the people who loved the old ending would’ve hated the new ending (Am I going to be the only one who understands that sentence?). That’s my opinion on it, anyways.

Are any of you Lost fans? What did you think about the finale?

So Unoriginal….

My wife likes to watch reruns of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on CMT, and being the awesome husband I am, I’ll watch it with her. During the commercials, we’ll be bombarded with previews for their other shows, and that’s where I start having problems. Not only are they trying to be MTV, in that they almost never show actual music videos, but they’re copying shows from them and now from other networks too. I don’t know if this is the actual order these shows came out, because until I started watching that show with my wife, I never watched CMT. This is just the order in which I noticed these shows.

It started with them showing CMT Cribs. Then came Trick My Truck. I wonder where they came up with the idea for those. Next, I saw The Singing Bee, which is another karaoke game show like Don’t Forget the Lyrics or that other one I can’t remember the name of. Now, the previews of their new shows are starting. The first one is called Sweet Home Alabama. From the commercials, it looks like a country version of The Bachelorette. The second one is called Texas Girls (or something like that), and it looks like a country version of The Jersey Shore.

I know that with the thousands of channels that are out there now, it’s hard to come up with shows which don’t resemble something else. Seriously, though, you’ve got to do better than this. It’s like they’re not even trying. I’m starting to think that their meetings go like this: One person will say, “Hey, MTV has a show that’s getting good ratings.” Then, another person will say, “Yeah. We should do something like this. But how do we make it different?” A third guy will clap his hands and say, “I got it! Instead of having normal people in the show, we’ll just throw in rednecks!” The entire room nods in agreement, except for one man. This man says, “Why don’t we come up with our own ideas for new shows?” The room goes silent, now they’re shaking their heads and muttering about how the man doesn’t know anything about working at a TV network. The boss looks at the man and, doing his best Trump impression, says,”You’re fired!” As the rest of the room laughs, the boss gets an idea. “Hey, we should do our own version of Celebrity Apprentice. We could call it ‘Country Celebrity Apprentice’.”


The only thing that sucks about the weekends, unless you have to work on them, is that, except for football, there’s nothing good on TV. I was bored yesterday and flipping through channels trying to find something to watch when I came across a station playing Dances With Wolves. There was nothing else on, and I hadn’t seen it in years, so I started watching. It’s a good movie, not great, and the only movie besides Bull Durham that I like Kevin Costner in. For half the movie, they’re talking in Indian and have subtitles whenever they do, but when I watched yesterday, there were a few times when they didn’t put the subtitles up when an Indian spoke. One of those times stuck out to me.

When Kevin Costner’s character first meets up with the white woman who has been living among the Indians since she was a child, she was on the Plains and had slit her wrists. He bandaged her wounds and took her back to the Indian’s village. The first person to spot him when he got into the village was a woman gathering water with her kids. As soon as she sees him, she grabs her kids and starts screaming, “Washishu!” It does not tell you what “washishu” means on the screen. While I don’t speak Indian, I know what she was saying and I will help any of you who have seen the movie and were confused by this.

Washisu means, “Holy @#$%! A honky! Run! Run!”

You’re welcome.