The Greatest Catch

Saturday. It’s a day when hundreds of football games are played. In stadiums all over the country, pads are put on and skills are put to the test. Players are doing their best to prove they have what it takes. Great catches are everywhere.

Last Saturday I made the greatest catch of my life. It was a catch so great that it left my mother in tears. That’s not hyperbole. She was literally crying afterwards.

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An Observation and a Question

My observation:

People seem more willing, and eager, to argue with each other over the stupidest things nowadays. I’ve been noticing this a lot recently. Let me give you an example.

Most of my time at work is spent in what we call the packing room. It’s where I pack the radios I ship (See the cleverness of the name?). The packing room is connected to the tech room (where the techs repair the radios. The cleverness continues) in a couple of different ways: One, there’s a conveyor belt that the techs put the radios on which runs out of a hole in the wall into the packing room. The second is a set of doors that is only supposed to be used by the maintenance guy when he’s doing work in the tech room. With the exception of the maintenance guy, nobody is supposed to use those doors to enter or leave the tech room. The doors are also supposed to stay closed at all times.

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Versus: Episode 12

A while ago, my writing partner Matticus suggested doing an episode of Versus which featured characters from movies that have been remade going against each other. For example, he suggested doing Glenn Ford (1957) vs. Russell Crowe (2007), both of whom played Ben Wade in 3:10 to Yuma. While that is a very good idea, it’s one I can’t do. It’s not just because I haven’t seen the 1957 version of that movie, but it’s because I don’t think I’ve ever seen both of any movie that has been remade. At least, I can’t think of any. The only one that’s even close is Red Dawn. I’ve seen the original and parts of the remake (I was sick at the time and was in and out of sleep during the entire movie).

So, instead, what I’ve decided to do with this episode is match up people who have played the same character, but in different movies. The first matchup is a three man fight to the death…well, a fight until I pick a winner, anyways. Continue reading

Sceptre of Chaos Chapter 10

SOC logo

Suddenly, the entire chamber shook. With the exception of Accura, everyone had to struggle to maintain their balance. A moment later, the chamber shook again. “Earthquake,” Fragiel asked, wondering what else could’ve caused the whole mountain to shake like that.

“No,” Accura laughed. “That would be my brothers and sisters trying to get in here to stop me.”

That answer had the High Priest confused. “How are you able to keep them out, my goddess?”

“You did not seriously think I would put my plan into motion without covering every possibility, did you? I’ve had Paragon and his mercenary band hiring priests of the entire pantheon putting wards on this room for the past year. Your acolyte, Parshal, just finished adding the final one.” Continue reading

RTotD: Dear Blank

I haven’t done a Random Thought of the Day post in a while. Today’s version will have a theme. I will be addressing certain places or things, giving my opinion on them. Let’s start off with one I think I’ve said before, but I can’t remember so I’m going to say it again.

By the way, I spend all day shipping packages all over the country so a lot of these have to do with city names. Continue reading

Up and Running

Well, everyone, after a month (or so) of no internet at home, I finally got it back. Hopefully, that means I’ll be able to post more regularly. It sure is a hell of a lot easier to do from home than it is having to run up to either my brother’s house or the library to post things.

Anyways, I’ve got some new Sceptre of Chaos coming, new Versus, and anything else that may pop into my head.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Where is the Ark?

I normally don’t pay attention to details in movies, especially when those movies contain something supernatural. However, I noticed something in a movie last night that made me pay attention to those details.

I’m actually surprised I have never noticed it before. I’ve seen the movie dozens of times, but, for some reason, I didn’t notice it until I watched it last night. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching it since I was a kid and I never thought to question it.

The movie I’m referring to is Raiders of the Lost Ark. Continue reading