The Evolution of My Geekdom Part 7

We’ve come to current day with my story. My geekdom now includes my video games (which are currently Left 4 Dead 2 and Dragon Age 2), my books (which I’m currently reading the New Jedi Order books. I finished Jurassic Park a few weeks ago, so I should probably change my widget), and the last thing. The last thing is….. Continue reading

L4D FF Fall of Troy Part 9

“Wow,” Panther said as they sat around their safe house. “Our story is pretty boring compared to that.”
“Yeah,” Rocket continued. “As soon as the outbreak started, Rebel’s boyfriend started turning his semi’s trailer into this safe house. He was a big hunter, so he already had all of these rifles and shotguns. I have no idea where he got all this ammo, though.”
“We’ve been in here ever since he finished it,” Rebel picked up. “A couple of times we’ve had to go out and pick up some food, but we’ve pretty much been in here the whole time.” Continue reading

L4D FF Fall of Troy Part 8



The sound of Spartan’s pipe bomb was like an angelic choir to Trojan. While those closest to him, and his group, stayed, the rest of the zombies chased after the explosive. What appeared to be between twenty and thirty of them were crowded around it when it finally blew. Chunks of body parts went flying in every direction. Trojan quickly finished off those closest to him and turned his attention over to his wife.

Raider was having a tough time before the pipe bomb. She was barely keeping the zombies back. Both she and her daughter were bleeding. She had managed to put her back against a tall median, so the zombies couldn’t get behind them, but there were still too many. If she didn’t get help soon, they’d both be in trouble. Continue reading

The Evolution Of My Geekdom Part 6

When I first started playing Left 4 Dead, I didn’t know what to expect. I had friends who had played it and described it to me, and I wasn’t sure I’d like it after that. I was used to Rainbow 6 3: Black Arrow, where it’s just teams of people going around killing each other. How much fun could there possibly be in only 4 people killing computerized zombies? It turns out that it’s a lot.

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L4D FF: Fall of Troy Part 7



                The trip from Dayton to Cincinnati had been a grueling one. Trojan’s group had picked up seven more people on the road, but had lost all seven, plus two of the four members of the Bird Squad. This made Trojan a little uneasy as they hadn’t even made it inside the city yet. They were still on the outskirts. Raider could tell what he was thinking and put her hand on his shoulder to reassure him.

Before heading any further, Trojan huddled the nine remaining members of the group up. “We’re running low on food. Wildcat, You take the rest of the ‘animals’ and start going up the off-ramps we come to. Look for stores, gas stations, or whatever. Only check the ones visible from the highway, that way we can watch your backs. I doubt you’ll find much in them, but we’ll take anything you can get.” Continue reading

L4D FF: Fall of Troy Part 6


While Wildcat and the others were praising the return of Trojan; Rocket, Panther, and Rebel were staring open-mouthed at the body of the tank. They had seen a few of the special infected, but they had spent most of their time in the safe house. Most of this was still new to them. The sheer size of the tank both amazed and scared them. Rocket began looking at Trojan and his group with profound respect, surprised that anyone could survive a fight with the tank.

He soon noticed that he was alone. Rebel and Panther had walked further up the road and stopped next to a body. Joining them, he saw that it was a woman who had been shot in the head, although she had injuries all over her body. Rebel knelt down and pointed to the ring finger on the body.

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