The Black Echo by Michael Connelly

I first discovered Michael Connelly by accident. I was walking through a Barnes and Noble just looking around. I looked at the back of one of his books, thought it sounded good, and bought it. I’m so glad I did. Michael Connelly is one of the best writers out there. I have almost all of his books. His books are well written, suspenseful, and make you want to keep reading. Most of his books center around LAPD Detective Harry Bosch, although he does have a few stand alones and books featuring other characters. Harry Bosch is a homicide dectective who joined the police force after getting back from being a soldier in Vietnam.

The Black Echo is the first book in the Harry Bosch series (it’s also the first novel Michael Connelly had published, back in 1992). It starts off with Harry getting called out to a crime scene. When he arrives at the scene, all of his co-workers are writing the body off as an accidental drug overdose. When he looks at the body, he realizes that the corpse was a man who was in his old Army unit back in Vietnam, so he digs deeper. What he finds is something far more sinister than a simple overdose, and it forces him to team up with the FBI. In the process, he angers other members of the LAPD and it makes him have to constantly watch his back.

This book gets you hooked right away. As you keep with it, as Harry uncovers more and more of the mystery, you can’t help yourself. You have to keep reading. You find yourself needing to find out what happens next and, ultimately, who did it. The tension of the story continues until you reach the explosive ending. By the end, you’ll not only be rewarded with a great story, you’ll start to understand the character of Harry Bosch. He’s one of the most complex characters I have ever read.

On a scale of 1-10, this book is a 9. To me, this is a definate must-read.