SWFF: A Race To Danger Part 12

Sorry for the delay folks, but here is the final installment of A Race to Danger. I hope you all enjoyed it. As always, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments for me. If you feel uncomfortable commenting or questioning in public, feel free to email me at revisedgewater@hotmail.com . To catch up on parts 1-11, click here.



“Attention soon-to-be-dead fleshpile,” came Envy’s robotic voice in my ear, “all of the other racers have finished. You might as well cross the finish line, too. Besides, staring at the man who will soon be killing you is a waste of what little time you have left.” Continue reading

SWFF A Race To Danger Part 11


“What are you going to do, Master,” Envy asked.

With a raised eyebrow, I looked at the droid. “You better watch out,” I told him. “For a second there it actually sounded like you care.”

“You are a fleshpile who is inferior to me in every possible way. However, you are an inferior fleshpile that I’ve grown accustomed to. Should you perish, I might get stuck with a fleshpile even more useless than you. Therefore, it is in my best interests to try to keep you from expiring.”

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SWFF A Race To Danger Part 10


I’m not sure how long I just sat there cradling Katellan’s head. It could have been two seconds, or it could have been two hours. When I finally looked up, I saw the Trandoshan staring at me. He didn’t have his blaster pointed at me this time, however. “That shot was meant for you,” he said in Huttese. “Be glad your friend took it for you.” A red bolt of energy passed over his head, but he didn’t duck. Instead, he continued talking to me. “I don’t have to kill you now. He will do it for me.”

With that, he ran out of the hanger. I stayed down on the ground with the body. The sound of footsteps behind me made me turn. Nalith was walking up to me with a scowl on his face. He stopped right in front of me and began screaming. “My employer told me you were going to be a pain to work with, and he was right. If you had done what you were told to do, and left well enough alone, none of this would have happened!”

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SWFF: A Race To Danger Part 9


Another headache greeted me when I woke up. I’m starting to loathe the person who invented stun blasts (Granted, they’re not the one who pulled the trigger, but if they didn’t invent the thing, I wouldn’t have been stunned in the first place. Then again, if they didn’t invent them, someone else probably would have and the only thing that would change is who I loathe. Great. I’m starting to ramble again. This happens every time I get hit with a stun blast. I’m starting to loathe the person who invented stun blasts. Granted, they’re not the one who pulled the trigger….Wait…Blast it!).

I was in my quarters. Nalith had pulled a chair up next to my bed and was lounging, waiting for me to awaken. He hadn’t seen my eyes open yet. I could make a move for his blaster.
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SWFF: A Race To Danger Part 8


“Don’t just sit there,” I yelled at Envy. “Get that thing out of here.”

“Master,” he replied, “I am programmed for translation and swoop bike repair. What part of either of those two bits of programming make you think I know how to dispose of a bomb? Idiot.”

“Do it anyway, you bucket of bolts!”

“You’re the one who wants it gone. Why don’t you do it?”

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SWFF: A Race To Danger Part 6


I ordered Envy away from me. There were too many things going through my head right now, and I really needed to clear them out. Envy would just distract me from that. Next, I went to my quarters to lay down. I needed sleep that didn’t come courtesy of a stun blast. Processing all of this new information without any outside interference was another must, so I locked the door. Somehow, an ‘exotic herb’ that’s supposed to help people sleep was ingested (I’m still not sure how that happened), and when I woke up, our trip to Tatooine was halfway over.

My head was finally clear and I could think something without actually saying it (I checked…..many,many times). So, I began going over everything again in my head. A few things became clear to me. It was around these few things that I formulated my plan. After I had my plan nearly finished, I went over it a third time and looked for potential holes. When I thought I had them all covered, I called Envy in to go over the plan with me. Continue reading

SWFF A Race to Danger Part 5

Katellan had never been overly dramatic, but I was finding his fear hard to believe. “Please tell me you don’t actually think that happened,” I laughed. “Nobody can take off someone’s head bare handed. That’s probably a rumor he started himself to increase his rep.”

Katellan shook his head. “Pay attention to what I said. I didn’t say I heard he did this. I said I actually saw him do this.”

Wait. Is that what he said? I looked over at Envy for confirmation. “Yes,” Envy answered my unasked question. “That is what the red idiot said.” Continue reading