RTotD: 5-15

It’s time for another look at the random stuff that pops into my head. I feel like I should put a warning about the randomness that I inflict upon the blogosphere, but if you’re already here, it’s already too late.

  • Is it just me, or are the subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime putting out better shows than the actual networks now? There are only a few shows that appear on a real television network that I actually like to watch anymore.
  • Both today and last Monday, I left for work a lot earlier than normal because signs on the side of the road promised construction starting the previous weekend. Both times there was zero construction on my way to work. I really hate whoever is in charge of that crap.
  • The main company that hires the small place that I work got hit by that ransomware virus. Since their computers are down, I’m only able to do about half of what I need to do. This day is going to last forever. 
  • Muscle weighs more than fat, so when people tell me I should work out, I tell them I can’t because I’m watching my weight.
  • I watched season 2 of Daredevil for the second time. I liked it even better the second time around. 
  • I’ve done so much editing over the past couple of months that it’s kinda burned me out on writing. The time I would normally spend on writing has been spent clicking on random articles suggested by Facebook. 
  • According to a random article suggested by Facebook, 8% of Asian males are a direct descendant of Genghis Khan…. That’s a whole lot of fighting and fucking for one man….

That’s all I got for now. Hopefully some of your brain cells are still functioning after reading this. 


A Couple of Post Updates

Last week, I told you about how I’m on the fence about continuing with a story that I had started. I didn’t think that I had the time or effort to put into the research I’d need to do to give the story some credibility, to make it as good as I want it to be.

Well, I’ve decided to put that story on hold. It may be temporary, or it may be permanent. It just depends on whether I ever come to a time that I feel like I can finish it properly. I’d rather have an incomplete story that I’m happy with than a complete one that I don’t like.

The other post I’m going to be talking about is from way back in November. It was a post in my Versus series. In it, Matticus and I each made an argument on who would win in a fight. He chose Duncan McLeod. I chose Achilles. At the end of the post, I put a poll down at the bottom for people to vote on who they thought would win. I thought I had set up the poll to close after a week. Apparently, I was wrong. It’s still going.

Over three months have passed now, so I’m calling it. The winner is:


Although, to be honest, it should’ve been an 11-10 outcome instead of 12. I accidentally voted when I was trying to figure out if it was still active. Oops.

A big round of applause to Matt for playing along with me. Sorry for the technical difficulties…

I wouldn’t mind doing another of these posts, if anyone out there is interested in going up against me. Hopefully I’ll be able to iron out the poll glitches before then, though.

Prompt Post 4: Confession 

In my next prompt, I have been asked to make a confession of some sort. So, here we go:

I discriminate based on age.

Not people, of course, because people of every age are capable of doing amazing things. No, I’m talking about entertainment. Basically, if it’s a movie, song, or book made before I was born, I’m probably not going to like it. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I won’t give anything made before I was born a chance. I’m just a hell of a lot less likely to. 

Music is the least offensive of the three. Or maybe it’s just because I’m so used to it. Most of the music I listened to when I was younger came from the oldies station. Both of my parents pretty much made sure that I listened to music from the 60s. It wasn’t until I got to high school that I started picking out my own music and my das was less than impressed with my choice of things like Metallica’s black album. 

Besides, old songs are over in 4 or 5 minutes, tops.

Movies are worse. These obviously take up more time than listening to a song, and are usually more painful. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the era where special effects and CGI started booming, but I can’t watch an old movie now without thinking about how crappy they look. The old Bond films are the worst. Their effects are so bad that they make me want to bang my head against a wall sometimes. 

The worst offender, to me is books. I have yet to read a book that was written before I was born that I  have liked, except those written by the late, great Michael Crichton. That’s it. His are the only ones.
I’ve gone in wanting to like the old books too. I was excited before I started reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it ended up being my worst literary experience. I disliked almost every second of reading it, but I finished them just so I could say that I read them…. it wasn’t worth it. 

The Count of Monte Cristo was another book I read after seeing the movie (the Guy Pearce/Jim Caviezel version). It was much easier to get through, but it still wasn’t a good time. 

The Man in the High Castle  (which you should really watch if you have Amazon Prime. It’s great) was a book written back in the 60s. It was probably the most boring book I have ever read. Almost nothing happens in the whole book. If you took out him explaining all the differences in the world, because in this book, Germany won World War Two, all you’d be left with is about  25 pages. Honestly, the only reason I finished it is because of how short it was. Had it been longer, I probably would’ve quit halfway through. 

So, sorry to those who want me to read or watch the old  classic that they love. It’s more than likely not going to happen. I’m ageist.

Prompt Me

My blog ideas in the past used to come to me fairly easily. It’s gotten harder to think of one lately. Back then I could always fall back on one of my post series.

There was VS., in which I would pit two fictional characters against each other in a fight, or some other contest. This worked a lot better when I had people at work that I could talk about those kinds of things with. I don’t have people like that anymore.

Then, there was Random Thoughts of the Day. Now, I know I did one of these posts recently, but they’ve become fewer and further between. That’s because I have most of these thoughts at work. It used to be that I would have time to jot them down as they came to me. Now, my workload has doubled and I can’t take the time to write them down as they come to me. I can only hope that I remember to remember them when I go to break, but I rarely do anymore.

I almost always have a serial story going at all times. The latest one, DICO,  is something that I’m going to be taking a break from. Well, on the blog, at least. He’s going to be part of a bigger story that I’m hoping to get turned into an actual comic book. Maybe, if this idea fails, I’ll come back to it on this here blog, but he’s on the shelf for now.

That leaves me stuck on what to write for you all. I figured I’d give you a chance to help with that one.

Is there anything that you’d like to see me write about? It can be anything you want. An opinion piece, a short piece of fiction, a bit of poetry, or anything else that you can come up with.

Is there a TV show, movie, or book series that you want to see me write a fan fiction for? Just name it. Granted, if I’ve never seen or read it before, I’m not going to do it. But if I can, I will.

Do you have an idea for a Versus matchup? Is there a random thought of your own that you want to hit me with?

Basically, if you want to see me write about it, leave it in the comment section below. If you’d prefer to submit yours out of the public eye, please use the form below.

Too Many Stories

Months ago, when I did my “Worth It” post, I told you all that I was working on 3 different stories in some phase of the writing process. One that most of my writing was done on, and mostly just had to worry about editing. The other two I was actively writing on.

Well, all of that is still true.

Unfortunately for my brain, those aren’t the only stories rattling around in my head.

Besides the two novels I’m working on, I’ve also been coming up with new comic book stories. If you click on the My Stories link at the top of my page, you’ll find 3 such stories I’ve already done: Dead Set (my serious one), Captain Procrastination (my off the wall, goofy one that was never meant to be taken seriously), and DICO (which is a little bit of both, although more ridiculous than serious). Two of the story ideas I have are continuations of these already established tales.

I’d like to continue on Dead Set at some point, if only because I stopped writing it in the middle of a story arc. I also have an idea that will tie all my comic stories together and, while I don’t need to continue with this story to do so, it would make things clearer if I did.

The second idea I want to work on is one I started a while ago and gave up because working on it made me realize how much I absolutely loathed writing in script form.

The third idea is to put DICO together with others and have him join a team. Obviously, to do this, I’m going to have to get a little more serious with it. Although, it will never be completely serious. The guy throws nipples for Pete’s sake.

My plan is to have them all happen in the same universe. The other two stories would just take place 10-20 years after the events of Dead Set. Since all of Dead Set so far has been written in story form, that would be how I finished it.

The other two, however pose a problem. I’d rather not write them in story form because I really do want them turned into actual comic books. Given my lack of artistic talent, that is problematic. I can’t draw them and have I mentioned how much I hate hate hate hate hate writing in script form? I also haven’t found anyone willing to draw for me for free, since I have no money to pay anyone to illustrate it for me. So, what to do?

What I think I’m going to do is this: Do two issues of each book, drawing them myself in my ‘stick figure/ a fifth grader could probably draw it better’ style. Once they’re done, I’m going to show them to a select group of people that I know are comic book fans and get their opinions. If they think I’m on the right track (minus the horrible artwork, of course), I’ll continue working on the stories. If they think the books aren’t worth the effort I’m putting into getting them made, I’ll probably just shelve the ideas for a while and see if I can’t come up with some improvements.

So, between my novels and my comic books, I have 6 stories that I’m trying to write at this moment. That doesn’t include the two books I’m reading right now or the ideas I sometimes get for blog posts.

Oy vey…..

Is anyone that reads this blog rich? I need someone to give me a lot of money so I can write full time instead of going to work. Maybe then I could get all the stories to stop fighting for supremacy in my mind.

DICO – Bleeding Out Part 4

Mayor Poopenmeyer heard the sound of a fresh magazine being put into Jefferey’s  gun. It was the last thing he heard before the room turned black. Everything around him swam as his body desperately clung to life.

DICO wanted to bandage the mayor’s wounds a little more, but he knew he didn’t have time. If he didn’t take care of Jefferey now, then him and the mayor would both be dead. His only chance was to go on the offensive to end this situation as soon as possible. That was the only way there was a chance that everyone would walk out of this alive. 

Looking over the door, DICO hoped that it swung both ways. He was severely disappointed to learn that it didn’t. It only opened towards him. That didn’t leave him with any good options. 

The superhero crept close to the door. His shoe, which had a little of the mayor’s blood on it, squeaked when he got a few feet away from it. A new barrage of bullets hit the door. This time, whether it was from Jefferey moving closer ir the different angle of entry, some of the bullets began making it through the door. DICO swore. Not only was he in more danger now, but the mayor could now be shot again by one of these random projectiles. 

He had to do something, and he was obviously not strong enough to throw his nipples through the door. Taking a quick glance around the office they were hiding in, DICO didn’t see anything he could use to help his situation. If he was going to get out of this mess, he’d have to use his nipples to do it. Since it had been a while since they let him down, he felt slightly better about his chances.

With a swift twist, he pulled off both of his nipples. Clenching his fist around them, it didn’t feel as solid as he would’ve liked. He had to wait until they grew back so he could use a couple more. While he was waiting, another small group of shots were fired into the door. Thankfully, none of them hit the mayor. From out in the hallway, Jefferey’s voice drifted in through the holes in the door. 

“You can still walk away from this, DICO,” the shooter began. “All I want is the mayor. If you let me have him, you’re free to go.”

As much as he hated to admit it, Jefferey’s offer was very tempting. Mayor Poopenmeyer was corrupt. He had to blackmail his way into becoming the city’s superhero. The mayor openly talked about taking bribes from bad guys. Maybe the city was better off without him.

No, he shook his head vehemently. No matter what someone was guilty of,  he would never let anyone just die. Not if he could help it.

“No thanks,” DICO retorted. “If I walk away now, I  won’t get to kick your ass.”

More shots immediately came through the door. While Jefferey was shooting, DICO pulled off two more of his metallic nipples. Once more clenching them in a tightly closed fist, he tested it out by softly punching his open hand. It felt better. It wouldn’t be as good as brass knuckles, but it would have about the same effect as a roll of quarters. As soon as the bullets stopped , DICO jumped to the opposite side of the door, where the door knob was. Upon hearing the movement, Jefferey fired again.

The metallic click of the magazine disengaging told DICO that his moment had come. He opened the door, stepped out, and launched his fist at Jefferey’s face. Distracted by the reload, The Boss’ henchman wasn’t able to react fast enough. The punch hit him in the forehead, right above his nose. DICO’s fingers had developed thick calluses from years spent playing with his nipples. Even so, the force of the blow sent the sharp edges of his areolas dug into his hands, drawing blood.
His strike had the desired effect, however, as Jefferey went stumbling backwards, smacking the back of his head against the wall and sliding into a sitting position. Before his opponent could recover, DICO lurched forward and kneed him in the side of the head. After the sickening thump of Jefferey’s skull being slammed between a wall and a knee, the man fell face first onto the floor. DICO grabbed the gun that he had dropped and quickly went back into the office to check on the mayor. 

Voices coming from a police band radio told him that help was just around the corner. “DICO,” someone hollered. 

“Down here,” he shouted back. 

“What’s the situation?”

“The shooter is down. I’m ok.”

“What about the mayor,” the officer asked, finally coming into view.

With one hand on the mayor’s neck, searching for a pulse, and the other hovering over his mouth, feeling for breath,  DICO silently cursed. His chin fell to his chest. “I was too late,” DICO sighed. “He’s gone.”

Down With the Sickness 

I haven’t done a lot of writing this week (Sorry, Matt!). I actually haven’t done much of anything this past week. I spent more time at the doctor this week than I  did at work.

I went to the doctor a week ago today and he told me that I have pneumonia. He ordered a chest xray. Since the outpatient part of the hospital was closed by the time my appointment was done, I had to wait until Monday to get that done. The doctor said the xray looks clean, so I should’ve  been able to go back to work on Tuesday… That didn’t happen. 

The thing about pneumonia is that it makes it kinda hard to breathe. I could barely walk from my couch to the bathroom without being out of breath. Not to mention the headache inducing coughing fits. I wasn’t going to make it at work all day. So, I missed Tuesday as well.

On Wednesday, I tried to go in. I lasted about an hour and a half. I was still having trouble breathing, and the headache, plus my lungs were starting to hurt. I went back to the doctor. She said there was still crackling sounds in my lungs and that the antibiotics they gave me on Saturday should’ve made me better by then. She then gave me a shot (which she originally said was going to be in my butt, but ended up being in my back. I honestly didn’t care where it was, but I felt kinda stupid after I pulled my pants down and she didn’t stick me there). Right before I left, she informed me that I would be staying home from work the rest of the week too.

Thursday was just a resting day. Friday, I had to go back to the doctor. She listened to my lungs again and said that they sounded better. She also said I’d start to feel better soon, but it might take a bit to be back to normal because pneumonia sucks so bad.

Today, I’m breathing a little better. I’m not coughing as much. I still don’t really feel like doing anything, but I have a 4 year old, so doing nothing is impossible. 
Hopefully, I’m mostly back to normal by Monday. I can’t afford to take any more time off work. Hell, I couldn’t afford the time off  that I already did.

Stupid being sick….