Any Preferences?

I’m thinking about starting a new story on this blog. It will be much like my other ones where I’d post chapters of it as I got them finished. What I’d like to know from you is, if I do this, is there a particular style that you’d like to see me write in?

Would you rather it be funny or serious? Or perhaps an equal mixture of both? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Comic book? Some other genre?

If you have a suggestion, just leave me a comment letting me know what it is.


The Fire

It spread. It kept on spreading.

Flames soon engulfed the whole area. Things that once were are now ash. Bright objects have now been scorched black. Creation was replaced by destruction.

In the middle of it all, she stood.

She reveled in the warmth. She reveled in the flames. She reveled in the vision of everything around being put to the fire.

For now, this one building would have to appease her. Soon, though, she would smile as she watched the whole world burn.

My WordPress Anniversary

I checked my notifications today and I got one that said it was my WordPress anniversary today. Seven years ago today I started this here blog. It honestly doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.

According to my site, I’ve published 707 posts during that seven years. That’s barely over a hundred posts a year. There are probably some bloggers out there that hit 700 posts in less than half that time. Hell, maybe the majority of other bloggers put up that many posts that quickly. I’m kind of on the outside as far as what the people around these parts do.

My 700 posts have been a mix of things. I’ve told you all stories. Sometimes they’re fiction. Sometimes they aren’t. I’ve told you about my beautiful daughter, Baby E, who just finished her last day of preschool on Thursday. The school celebrated it by having a picnic for everyone at the local park. She got to run around with her classmates one last time before going to kindergarten next year. It rained for two hours that day….the two hours we were down at the park. She was muddy and soaked by the time we got home.

I’ve told you Left 4 Dead, Star Wars, Spider-Man, and Superman stories.

I’ve told you stories about my own characters: Captain Procrastination, DICO, and other various tales such as Dead Set.

Lately though, I’ve been doing most of my writing offline. There are two books that I’ve been working on that are close to being done, but there’s still no set time on releasing them (As soon as I have something definitive for you, I’ll definitely post it). Those two projects are collaborations with other authors. The one I’m working on now is just me and I’ve found that working on a project alone means that I don’t write as fast as I do with others. Taking on projects with other writers forces me to focus more because I don’t want to let them down or make them wait on me.

Another reason I’m writing more offline is because I’ve been having trouble lately thinking of things to write about on this here blog. I used to have ideas pop into my head all the time. Now they’re few and far between. Maybe it’ll start coming back to me soon. Or maybe I’ll have to do another prompt post. I guess we’ll have to wait to see what the future holds.

To end this post, I’d just like to say thank you to anyone who has ever taken the time to read the words coming out of my fingers. There are a lot of blogs out there, many of which have much better writers than I, that you could spend your time on. The fact that you chose to spend yours with me is truly humbling. I’m grateful for every one of you. I wish you all a wonderful night


DICO – Bleeding Out Part 2

The mayor watched as his guardian stood protectively over him. DICO pulled off the two new nipples that had grown in place of the ones he had already thrown. He quickly hurled them at Jefferey, forcing the gunman back. Using the time he had just bought, DICO grabbed Mayor Poopenmeyer under the arms and dragged him back into the closest room. Just as they made it out of sight, two more gunshots rang out. One of the bullets struck the doorframe at the height of the mayor’s head.

DICO ran back to the door and blindly tossed out two more of his metallic nipples. Jumping across the opening, he managed to slam the door closed just as another bullet bit into it. Jefferey would soon be through the door, so the superhero tried to think of a way out of the room. A wet cough tore him away from his contemplations a second later. 

Blood now dripped from between the mayor’s lips, along with the bullet wounds in his side and shoulder. His skin was pale and his breathing was ragged. If he didn’t get to a doctor soon, he would die. DICO tore strips of fabric from the mayor’s shirt and used them to try to stop the bleeding. “You never answered my question,” Mayor Poopenmeyer said as the hero worked on him.

“What question?”

“What took you so long to get here?”



The shop owner hated closing this early, but he didn’t have a choice. He had to get to his daughter’s wedding and both of his other employees had quit after a couple of The Boss’ thugs had tried to kill him. Not that he blamed them. This job wasn’t exactly worth dying for. And while the physical damage to the store had been, for the most part, fixed, it would be a long time before he felt safe in his store again. 

A thread from that night brought him back to the present. Looking out the window, he saw a man sitting on the sidewalk a little further up the street. The man appeared to be homeless. His clothes were worn and had holes in them. His hair was unkempt and he needed a shave. The shop owner knew better than to judge him based on his appearance,  though, for that man was DICO; the superhero who was responsible for the arrests of the men who had tried to kill him. 

The shop owner thought about running a cup of coffee out to DICO, but saw on his watch that he was running late. Instead, he vowed to do so tomorrow if the superhero was still there. He stepped outside and closed the door. As he was turning the key to lock it, he heard a car horn going off. A man had almost been hit trying to cross the street. Despite almost being run over, the man never looked at the car. He just stared hard at the shop owner with evil intent in his eyes. The shop owner knew that this was another man The Boss had sent to kill him.

“DICO,” he screamed as the man drew a  gun.

By the time the shop owner yelled, DICO was already in motion. He had jumped up as soon as he heard the car horn blaring. It was only a matter of time before they sent someone to finish the job that DICO had interrupted before, and he promised himself he would be there when it did. That’s why he had been sitting out in front of the store the past few days. 

DICO didn’t have a clear view of the man because the car was somewhat blocking him. From his vantage point, though, it looked as if the man was reaching for something. Still twenty feet away, DICO knew that hewouldn’t do much damage from here, but he hoped that his nipples would be distracting enough that the man would leave the shop owner alone. He reached inside his shirt, grabbed a  nipple, twisted it off,  and let it fly.

It flew straight at first, veering slightly towards the end, and hit the man in the neck. Unfortunately, by that time, he had already pulled his gun out. The slap of the nipple against his skin startled the gunman and he pulled the trigger in response. With the gunshot echoing off the nearby buildings, the shop owner fell to the ground. 

“No,” DICO cried as he put his  effort into getting to the gunman as quickly as possible.

The driver of the car, after hearing the gunshot, no longer cared that there was a person in front of their car and floored the gas pedal. While the car didn’t have much room to build momentum, it still hit the gunman with enough force to sent him at least five feet away from where he started. It should have been something that he could easily get up from, but he landed awkwardly, hitting his head on the pavement.

By the time DICO got to him, the gunman wasn’t unconscious, but he did have a glazed over look in his eyes. DICO punched him in the face two times in rapid succession to ensure that the gunman stayed down. After almost forgetting about it,  he also grabbed the gun out of the man’s hand. With that done, DICO went to check on the shop owner. 

DICO didn’t see any blood, but the shop owner’s eyes were closed and he wasn’t moving. All he could do was hope he wasn’t too late.

Dead Set Part 29

Dead Set by Revis Edgewater

Dead Set by Revis Edgewater

DS opened his cell phone after the text message alert went off. He didn’t like what he saw. The message was simple. It said, “They’re coming for you. Get your family out.”


“Shit,” he muttered to himself as he watched Samantha’s car pull up. He opened the door and yelled, “Hurry up. We don’t have much time.”


“What,” she questioned.


“I don’t have time to explain it all now. All I can tell you is that we’ve gotta get moving.”








Bethany woke up screaming. She saw the bad people in her dreams again. Her babysitter, a teenage daughter of one of her mom’s friends, came into the room. “What’s wrong, Beth?”


“ I wanna talk to my mom,” she cried, annoyed that the girl had shortened her name.


“She’ll be home soon. She just went to pick up your grandfather.”


“I wanna talk to my mom,” she screamed at the top of her lungs.


The babysitter rolled her eyes as she dialed her cell phone.








Samantha was about to help DS lift her father when her phone rang. “Don’t pick it up,” DS warned.


“It’s the babysitter,” she said, ignoring him. DS lunged to grab the phone from her, but she was too quick. She heard Bethany crying on the other end and did her best to console her, promising to return as quickly as possible. When she hung up the phone, she looked at DS questioningly. His facial expression caught her off guard. In her mind, he was the one acting strangely, but he was very angry at her. “What the hell is wrong with you,” she demanded. “Our daughter just wanted to talk to me about a bad dream she was having. Something about bad people coming to get her.”


“She’s right. Now they’ll be after her.”


“What are you talking about?”


“The Division is after me,” he explained, picking Christian up by himself. “And you know, as well as I do, what they do to the families of the people they’re after.”


DS walked out of the door and headed for her car. Samantha followed him out, asking, “What did you do now?”


“I didn’t do a damn thing,” he told her as he loaded her dad in the car. “This is all your father’s fault. I’ve been trying to tell him to get out of here, but he decides to kill a bunch of cops instead. Then he kills an agent of the Division in my apartment. They probably think I did it. If he’d just left when I told him to, none of this shit would be happening.”


“Ok,” she said, finally understanding why he was so anxious. They climbed in and started driving away. Then, Samantha continued. “Even if they’re after you, they have no way of knowing where we are. Neither of us has a tracker.”


“We don’t, but now that you’ve answered your cell phone, they know where you were,” he said as he grabbed her phone and threw it out the window. “Then, they’ll trace where the call originated from and they’ll know where Bethany is.”


Damn communications technology, she thought as she pushed down on the gas pedal.








Grey sat in his realm watching DS. While he couldn’t see the future, he knew that DS’s associates would soon cause trouble for Christian and trouble was the last thing the eternal needed right now. The balance was already starting to shift into Death’s favor. If things didn’t change soon, it would catastrophic. He needed to talk this over with Light and Shadow.


“Why have none of my children contacted me,” commanded a voice from behind him. Grey didn’t need to turn around to know who it was, but he knew that if he didn’t turn, it would be considered an insult. Turning, he saw the being he hadn’t seen since the creation of the planet. It was a being that scared him more than anything . It was the Creator. “Did you think that I would not notice, my child?”


Momentarily speechless, Grey finally answered, “No, my lord. We had hoped to correct the situation ourselves before we involved you.”


“Our world vanished, and you thought it best to keep me in the dark?”


“That was not our intention, Creator.”


“Who is responsible?”


“Light is, Creator.”


“Tell me everything.”








DS and Samantha rushed into the house, startling the babysitter. “DS, you get Bethany,” Samantha instructed. “I’m going to get her home.”


Practically dragging the confused girl to the open door, she tried to get her out of the house quickly. Suddenly, she heard her father scream. “Creator,” is what she thought he cried. A blinding flash erupted from her car and the two of them were thrown backwards. When she regained her senses, she saw DS standing over her with Bethany asleep in his arms. “What just happened,” she asked.


“They took him,” he answered.


“Who did?”


“The other eternals. Don’t worry about him. We’ve got our own problems.”


Looking out the door, she saw two plain-looking cars pulling up. Damn, she thought. They’re already here. DS handed her their daughter. “Get them somewhere safe and watch over them. I’ll try to take care of them. If you’ve got a weapon here, I’d get it if I were you.”


Samantha took the two girls into her bedroom. Reaching in her closet, she pulled down the box containing the gun she received when she was inducted into the Division. Like it’s going to help much, she thought to herself as she loaded a clip and chambered a round.






revis and matticus save the kingom chapter 6

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And now?  On with the next chapter:

Revis studied the poems and gibberish, trying to decipher the rhymes and find additional clues in the nonsense, while Matticus pulled up a stool and poured himself a beer.  Looking up from the parchment, Revis asked, “I thought you were in a hurry to be away from this place?”

“Well, they’ve already searched it, right?  And you’re studying that, so I might as well take the edge off.  We are far from the Kingdom now and we probably have a ways to go still before we can return to our homes, our families.  Besides, it doesn’t make sense to just wander around Bruges anymore until we have a solid plan.  We don’t know how many more vampires are out there and it’s become obvious that the vampires are working with the city guards for some reason so we don’t know if there are any citizens left in this town who will come to our aid if we need it.”

Revis thought about it for a second and then responded, “Well reasoned.”

“Thank you.”

“Pour me one too, would ya?”

“Of course.”

Matticus poured a second beer and slid it over to Revis as the Knight pulled up an adjacent stool. Revis set the parchment down in between them so Matticus could read it too. The first knight took a drink of the beer, then immediately spit it back out. “Ugh. Why didn’t you tell me it was beer? Beer is disgusting,” he exclaimed as he reached over the counter to grab something a little stronger.

Revis took a long pull off of the whiskey bottle to get the taste of beer out of his mouth. A second later they heard a voice say, “That’ll be ten gold pieces for all of your drinks.”

The two men looked over the bar. Sitting on the floor, cleaning a glass, was the bartender. Before they could ask how they, and the guards, had missed him, he added, “And how do you not know how the guards are connected to those stupid sparkly things?”

“Give us a break,” Matticus replied defensively. “We’ve only been here for an hour.”

“And how do you know it,” Revis asked. “You’d think that would be something they’d keep secret.”

“Don’t you know anything,” the bartender scoffed. “You want to know what is going on in any city you go into, you ask the person working the bar. They know everything. My name’s bardictale, by the way. This is my tavern.”

Matticus looked around the place and was going to say something snide, but Revis noticed the look of mischief in the Jester’s eyes and put his hand out to keep him quiet.  Matticus swallowed the insult but noted that was the second time that Revis had been rude to him, and he would definitely get his revenge at some point.  It’s just a matter of time.

Revis caught Matticus’ rueful smile, and knew what it meant, but didn’t have time to deal with it then.  Instead he turned his attention back to bardictale.  “Can you tell us more about what’s going on here?”

“Show me the color of your interest and I’ll fill your heads with fitting stories.”


“He wants us to pay for the information.  I’m ruler of the Matticus Kingdom, tell us everything you know about the sparkly vampires, the Bruges Guards, and Jaded, and you will be reimbursed for your troubles.”

Setting the glass aside, bardictale moved to stand behind the bar.  “No, I’ll take that coinage now, or I’ll happily call out for the guards to return.  First the ten gold for the drinks, and then another 10 gold for each answer for question trade.”

Revis reached inside his armor and produced a coin pouch. With a sigh, he tossed it down onto the counter. bardictale scooped it up and, after looking inside of it, almost fainted. “This is almost as much as I paid for the tavern.”

“How about you just keep that and answer all of our questions?”

“I think we have an understanding, sir.”

“What do you know about the sparkly vampires?”

“They started showing up here a few weeks, maybe a month, ago. They’re led by a woman called Jaded, but she’s not actually here in Bruges.  Jaded left Bruges in the hands of the captain of the city guard, Steph. Now, Steph isn’t a sparkly thing herself. She’s just some kind of sparkly thing groupie.”

“Do they have a base of operations,” Matticus asked.

“No, but a big group of them gather once every other night at the warehouse on Pier 12 at midnight.”



“Then we’ve got a couple of hours to get down there and get hidden before their meeting starts,” Revis stated. “Then, we can listen in on their plans, and figure out a way to disrupt them.”

Matticus thanked bardictale while Revis checked the street to make sure it was clear to leave. When the way was clear, the two men took off into the night. As they walked, Matticus turned to Revis and said, “I’m glad we got all that information, but I’m sorry it cost you so much to get it.”

With a smile, Revis replied, “It didn’t cost me anything.” In his hand was the bag of gold he had given the bartender.

“Another trick of your ring?  Or just a magic money bag?”

“The money bag always returns to me.  Good way to not have to worry about pickpockets.”

“Nice, but, where do you get all those wonderful toys?”


“And why don’t I have them?  I am ruler of the Kingdom after all?”

“Well…  The Queen decided, due to your silly streak, you probably shouldn’t be trusted with them.  I didn’t want to say anything but it was her decision.”

The Jester fumed, but knew better than to question a decision made by The Queen.  Plus, he was a Jester, so, it made sense.  He’d probably try to do something silly with the magic pouch.  Bad things would happen.  It was his curse.

Matticus and Revis made it down to the docks without without running into anyone, and then quickly found their way to Pier 12.  Based on the position of the moon they still had some time before midnight, but wanting to be in position before anyone else showed up, they slipped into the warehouse and hid themselves behind some stacked boxes against the far wall.  There they settled into a comfortable silence and waited for Steph and the sparkly vampires to make their entrance.

“Revis,” Matticus asked as midnight drew nearer, “What’s a groupie?”

“I have no idea.”

“Maybe they’ll talk about it during their gathering and we’ll find out.”

“Maybe. I doubt we’ll be that lucky, though. With the way this has been going so far, they’ll probably talk about unimportant, boring things for a couple of hours, and we’ll learn nothing.”

Matticus didn’t think things were going that badly, but he would admit that some things hadn’t gone according to plan. He was going to point that out, but, just then, a sparkly vampire walked into the warehouse. Then, another walked in….and another….and another. The duo lost track of time as more and more poured in. The sound of a sword hilt banging on the floor called the meeting to order. The hand holding the sword belonged to, who Matticus assumed, was Steph for she was the only one in the room who wasn’t sparkly. Looking at Revis, Matticus couldn’t help but feel like they were in way over their heads.

Revis just shook his head at the sight of around one hundred sparkly vampires.

Dead Set Part 17


“I knew you didn’t care about me,” Gabriel spat.

“Bullshit,” Christian screamed. “Because of what they did to you, I became something I never thought I’d be: a killer. I took the life of everyone in that place in grief of what they did.”

“You lie again, Father. Death killed those men as a sign of good faith towards me.”

“You’re as gullible as your mother if you think he did anything for you without gain for himself. Now, I’m going to send you to meet her in the Afterlife. Maybe she can talk some sense into you.”

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