Random Thoughts of the Day: Geekdom Edition

I know I normally do my RTotD posts on Stuph Blog, but these are thoughts I’ve had about my geekdom items.

  • With the popularity of the video games, I’m surprised they never turned Final Fantasy into a tabletop RPG. All of the original games were turn-based, anyways, so I wouldn’t think it’d be that hard to do. If I were them I’d make a rule book and then make an additional book for each game. Or, if that’s too much, every three games. That way, people would only have to buy a book for the Final Fantasy games that they liked. Continue reading

The Evolution of My Geekdom Part 7

We’ve come to current day with my story. My geekdom now includes my video games (which are currently Left 4 Dead 2 and Dragon Age 2), my books (which I’m currently reading the New Jedi Order books. I finished Jurassic Park a few weeks ago, so I should probably change my widget), and the last thing. The last thing is….. Continue reading

The Evolution Of My Geekdom – Part 4

Things were going along great. We played the Star Wars RPG about once a week. We also tried out D20 Modern, which is a tabletop RPG set in modern times, but that only lasted a few sessions. Star Wars was our main mission. Twindaddy and I took turns Dming. He’d run a story, then I’d run one. It worked out well for a while.
Gradually, it all started going downhill as the relationship soured between Twindaddy and the twins’ mother (and the twins’ mother and her brother).We started playing less and less until we stopped playing altogether. Unlike when I lived in Detroit, however, this time I had other outlets for my geekdom. I had started collecting comic books again.

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The Evolution Of My Geekdom – Part 3

Detroit was a whole new world for me. Other than the family I had living up there, I knew absolutely nobody. This did not bode well for me as I wanted to continue playing D&D. I went out and met some new people, but none of them shared my geekdom. If I even mentioned D&D to them, they’d look at me as if I suddenly sprouted 5 heads.
In the end, there were only 2 people I was able to convince to play: my younger brother and one of my cousins, and even with those two it took a lot of pleading before they agreed to it. I was a little nervous before we played. It would be the first time I was going to be the DM. The DM I had played under before I moved was amazing. He always seemed to be able to weave his stories in ways that kept everyone interested and into it. I hoped I’d be able to do that too.

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Making Some Changes

As some of you (all 5 people who actually come to this site) may have noticed, I’ve changed some things around here. I changed the theme of the blog. I’m still not sure if I like this one yet. I may end up changing it again, but I haven’t decided for sure.

I also changed the name of the blog to 33 Grams of Blog. Since nobody out there, except Twindaddy, knows what that means, I shall have to explain. Continue reading