What To Do??

My wife and I were in a bookstore this weekend and I noticed a book that I didn’t know was out there. Now, I’m torn about whether or not to get it, and I’ll explain why.

Michael Crichton was one of my favorite authors. He wrote such classics as Jurassic Park, Timeline, Sphere, The Lost World, and State of Fear. Unfortunately, he passed away from throat cancer in 2008. When he passed, two of his manuscripts were found. One was Pirate Latitudes, which was completely written by him. This was released shortly after his death. I bought it, read it, and thought it was great.

The second was called Micro. This one wasn’t finished, so they brought in another author (Richard Preston, who I have never heard of) to complete it. This is according to Wikipedia:  “Approximately a third of Micro was completed by Crichton. Preston completed the book according to the author’s remaining outline, notes, and research.” Micro was recently released in hardback.

Now, I’m torn. I know I’m going to read this eventually, but I don’t know if I should get it soon, or wait until it’s released in paperback. I have loved everything that Crichton has written (with the exception of the last book he published before his death, Next). After reading the blurb on the cover of Micro, it kind of looks like it might be a lot like Next. Strike 1. It wasn’t completely written by Crichton. Strike 2. I don’t know how good this Preston guy is. Strike 3.

But, it’s still a Crichton book. I don’t know. I’m probably going to wait to get it, but I’d rather read it sooner than later.