Dead Set Part 29

Dead Set by Revis Edgewater

Dead Set by Revis Edgewater

DS opened his cell phone after the text message alert went off. He didn’t like what he saw. The message was simple. It said, “They’re coming for you. Get your family out.”


“Shit,” he muttered to himself as he watched Samantha’s car pull up. He opened the door and yelled, “Hurry up. We don’t have much time.”


“What,” she questioned.


“I don’t have time to explain it all now. All I can tell you is that we’ve gotta get moving.”








Bethany woke up screaming. She saw the bad people in her dreams again. Her babysitter, a teenage daughter of one of her mom’s friends, came into the room. “What’s wrong, Beth?”


“ I wanna talk to my mom,” she cried, annoyed that the girl had shortened her name.


“She’ll be home soon. She just went to pick up your grandfather.”


“I wanna talk to my mom,” she screamed at the top of her lungs.


The babysitter rolled her eyes as she dialed her cell phone.








Samantha was about to help DS lift her father when her phone rang. “Don’t pick it up,” DS warned.


“It’s the babysitter,” she said, ignoring him. DS lunged to grab the phone from her, but she was too quick. She heard Bethany crying on the other end and did her best to console her, promising to return as quickly as possible. When she hung up the phone, she looked at DS questioningly. His facial expression caught her off guard. In her mind, he was the one acting strangely, but he was very angry at her. “What the hell is wrong with you,” she demanded. “Our daughter just wanted to talk to me about a bad dream she was having. Something about bad people coming to get her.”


“She’s right. Now they’ll be after her.”


“What are you talking about?”


“The Division is after me,” he explained, picking Christian up by himself. “And you know, as well as I do, what they do to the families of the people they’re after.”


DS walked out of the door and headed for her car. Samantha followed him out, asking, “What did you do now?”


“I didn’t do a damn thing,” he told her as he loaded her dad in the car. “This is all your father’s fault. I’ve been trying to tell him to get out of here, but he decides to kill a bunch of cops instead. Then he kills an agent of the Division in my apartment. They probably think I did it. If he’d just left when I told him to, none of this shit would be happening.”


“Ok,” she said, finally understanding why he was so anxious. They climbed in and started driving away. Then, Samantha continued. “Even if they’re after you, they have no way of knowing where we are. Neither of us has a tracker.”


“We don’t, but now that you’ve answered your cell phone, they know where you were,” he said as he grabbed her phone and threw it out the window. “Then, they’ll trace where the call originated from and they’ll know where Bethany is.”


Damn communications technology, she thought as she pushed down on the gas pedal.








Grey sat in his realm watching DS. While he couldn’t see the future, he knew that DS’s associates would soon cause trouble for Christian and trouble was the last thing the eternal needed right now. The balance was already starting to shift into Death’s favor. If things didn’t change soon, it would catastrophic. He needed to talk this over with Light and Shadow.


“Why have none of my children contacted me,” commanded a voice from behind him. Grey didn’t need to turn around to know who it was, but he knew that if he didn’t turn, it would be considered an insult. Turning, he saw the being he hadn’t seen since the creation of the planet. It was a being that scared him more than anything . It was the Creator. “Did you think that I would not notice, my child?”


Momentarily speechless, Grey finally answered, “No, my lord. We had hoped to correct the situation ourselves before we involved you.”


“Our world vanished, and you thought it best to keep me in the dark?”


“That was not our intention, Creator.”


“Who is responsible?”


“Light is, Creator.”


“Tell me everything.”








DS and Samantha rushed into the house, startling the babysitter. “DS, you get Bethany,” Samantha instructed. “I’m going to get her home.”


Practically dragging the confused girl to the open door, she tried to get her out of the house quickly. Suddenly, she heard her father scream. “Creator,” is what she thought he cried. A blinding flash erupted from her car and the two of them were thrown backwards. When she regained her senses, she saw DS standing over her with Bethany asleep in his arms. “What just happened,” she asked.


“They took him,” he answered.


“Who did?”


“The other eternals. Don’t worry about him. We’ve got our own problems.”


Looking out the door, she saw two plain-looking cars pulling up. Damn, she thought. They’re already here. DS handed her their daughter. “Get them somewhere safe and watch over them. I’ll try to take care of them. If you’ve got a weapon here, I’d get it if I were you.”


Samantha took the two girls into her bedroom. Reaching in her closet, she pulled down the box containing the gun she received when she was inducted into the Division. Like it’s going to help much, she thought to herself as she loaded a clip and chambered a round.