Now I’m Starting To Get Pissed

I’m going to go on a rant here. I know some of you might say I’m only doing it because I’m an Ohio State fan, but that’s only part of it. The other part is just pure outrage at an injustice.

Once again, Cris Carter was passed over for the NFL Hall of Fame. How this keeps happening is beyond me, especially if you look at who did make it: Curtis Martin, Willie Roaf, Dermonti Dawson, Cortez Kennedy, and Chris Doleman. I’ll give them Doleman, Roaf, and maybe Dawson, but Martin and Kennedy? Really? To me, anyways, those guys were good, not great. Cris Carter was the 2nd best wide receiver in NFL history, behind Jerry Rice. That’s not just my opinion, his stats back it up. Were Martin or Kennedy the 2nd best at their respective positions? Nope. Martin’s not even in the top 10 of all time great running backs, and if Kennedy makes the top 10 at defensive tackle, it’s just barely.

Not only was Carter the 2nd best wide receiver in history, he did it with a bunch of crappy quarterbacks throwing it to him. Except for Warren Moon, who only played two-and-a-half seasons with the Vikings, Carter spent his career with below average QBs throwing the ball to him. Jerry Rice had 2 Hall of Fame QBs throwing the ball to him for 99% of his career (Montana and Young). Carter had Daunte Culpepper and Brad Johnson. There’s a Grand Canyon sized dropoff there.

Hall of Fame voters, I have two words for you: FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NFL Week 1 Review

Since it’s impossible to watch every game during the week (unless that’s your job), most of what I’m about to say is based on stats and highlights. I’m not going to go over every game, just certain things that caught my attention.

Green Bay vs New Orleans: The Packers still look like the champions. They played a pretty good game in all phases. I’ve heard some people claim that their defense looked weak, but most defenses don’t look all that good against Drew Brees and the Saints offense. The scary part? As good as Aaron Rodgers is playing, he looks like he’s getting better every game.

Pittsburgh vs Baltimore: The Ravens made the Steelers look bad. Very bad. The Ravens defense, which is getting older but is still pretty good, forced 7 turnovers. Big Ben threw 3 interceptions and lost 2 fumbles. The question now is “Are the Ravens really that good, or did Ben just have a really bad game?”

Atlanta vs Chicago: I did watch half of this game (I was flipping back and forth between this and the Bengals game), and while Cutler did have some good numbers, it was only because of his receivers that he did. The touchdown pass to Forte is a good example. Forte caught the ball maybe 5 yards from the line of scrimmage and did the rest of the work on his way to a 56 yard touchdown, aided by one of the worst tackle attempts I’ve ever seen. During the offseason, Atlanta tried to upgrade its defense, but apparently it wasn’t nearly enough because they looked terrible. Chicago’s offense isn’t nearly as good as the Falcons made them look.

Indianapolis vs. Houston: The only thing that can be said about this game is the Colts are completely screwed until Manning comes back.

Buffalo vs Kansas City: KC’s offense looked like crap and Buffalo’s looked awesome. This was an outcome that nobody saw coming. There might have been people out there that picked the Bills to win, but nobody thought that they’d put a 34 point butt-kicking on them. I hope Buffalo can keep this up all year, if only so they beat the Patriots and Jets.

Carolina vs Arizona: Cam Newton put up huge numbers in this game. That only happened for, what I believe, two reasons. One, the Cardinals stacked the box to stop the run. Two, their defense isn’t all that good anyways, and they traded away their best secondary player to get Kevin Kolb. I’m predicting that those numbers will go down big time next week as the Panthers are playing the Packers.

That’s all I can think of right now. What stood out to you in Week 1 of the NFL season?

Hey, Harrison, STFU

Once again, James Harrison, All-Pro LB for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is running his mouth. It was one thing last year when he was complaining about the fines being thrown his way by the league. I know the rule changes upset a lot of defensive players, so I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. Now, with no actual playing going on, his ranting is making him look like a complete tool.

In an interview with a magazine called the Men’s Journal, Harrison continued to bash Roger Goodell, this time using a gay slur. Real classy, Harrison. I understand that you don’t like him, but give it up already. We get your point. Just let it go.

Also, in the interview, he openly bashed his starting quarterback, blaming him for their Super Bowl loss. He also called their starting running back, Rashard Mendenhall, “a fumble machine”. That’s funny, considering Harrison only had one tackle that entire game. Looks to me like Ben and Rashard did more to help the Steelers win than you did, James. You could’ve missed the whole game and it wouldn’t have made a difference.

It’s also never a good thing to publicly bash your quarterback, or running back, even if that’s how you really feel. That’s the kind of thing you keep in house. All you’re doing with your big mouth is hurting the team. You want to get back to the Super Bowl, Harrison? The first thing you have to do is shut your @#$%ing mouth.

Steroid Lawsuit Settlement

According to , David Vobora, a linebacker for the St. Louis Rams, won $5.4 million from a supplement company because he tested positive for steroids while using their products. Vobora, the last pick in the 2008 draft out of Idaho, apparently lost $400,000 in income due to the suspension. Why the judge thought he deserved the other $5 million, I don’t know.  According to Vobora’s lawyer, David followed NFL guidelines when choosing the supplement, but, of course, what else is his lawyer supposed to say? Every time a player tests positive for P.E.D.’s they blame it on some supplement that they’re taking. I, for one, am getting sick of this. The league needs to change its policy on this.

Instead of having a hotline for players to call with questions about them, the league needs to make a list of approved supplements, make sure each player has a copy of the list, and get each player to sign a form saying that they received a copy of that list and know that they aren’t allowed to take anything that’s not on the list. If they refuse to sign the form, they’re not allowed to play. After they sign the form, if they’re caught taking anything that’s not on list, they’re suspended. It’s simple. This way you’ll also cut down on players whining about not knowing what they are and aren’t allowed to take when they get busted. If they go with my plan, and a player says that, the league can pull out their form and say, “You do know what you’re not allowed to take. We have a piece of paper right here, with your signature, that says you know that you’re not allowed to take what you took.”

Sometimes, when making up rules, it’s better to go simple. If they had a plan like this in place, it would cut down on a lot of confusion.

NFL Wild Card Weekend

The NFL playoffs began on Saturday, and the first game was a shocker. It was a result that almost nobody saw coming. That game was one of the great things about the NFL: you never know what’s going to happen. Here’s my take on the four games from this weekend.

Seahawks 41- Saints 36: Like I said, almost nobody gave the Seahawks a chance in this game, and who could blame them? The Seahawks are the first team in NFL history to make it into the playoffs with a losing record at 7-9. All 9 of the games they lost, they lost by over 15 points. All during the week, they didn’t even know who their starting quarterback would be, because Matt Hasselbeck was getting over an injury. Even with all of that, they still managed to go out onto the field and beat the defending Super Bowl champions. I’ll be the first to admit that I thought they’d get demolished. I’m not a huge Pete Carroll fan, but I have to give him credit for having his team ready, and for having them believe that they had a chance to win. The MVP of this game has to be Matt Hasselbeck who threw for 4 TDs, although Marshawn Lynch deserves a mention for that awesome run he made, breaking 6 tackles, including a statement stiffarm that threw a defender 5 yards.

Jets 17 – Colts 16: I didn’t watch as much of this game as I wanted to, because I was busy punting Ewoks. When I turned this game back on, it was 14-13 Jets with about 4 minutes left to go in the game. The Colts drove down the field and kicked a field goal to go up 16-14 with a minute left on the clock. The Colts special teams then let the rest of the team down by allowing a 40 kickoff return, allowing the Jets good field position. The Jets were then able to drive down the field and kick the game winning field goal as time expired. I thought the Colts were going to win this game. The Jets were starting to falter down the stretch, which started when they got destroyed by the Patriots. The MVP of this game would be LT. He ran for 84 yards and 2 TDs.

Ravens 30 – Chiefs 7: After the first quarter, this actually looked like a game. The Chiefs were up 7-3 and they looked like they were up to the task of challenging the Ravens. Then they just fell apart. The Ravens rolled off 27 straight points to end the game. Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassell looked lost after the first quarter, throwing 3 picks and getting sacked 3 times. I know that Baltimore’s defense does that to a lot of teams, but this to me, looked more like Cassell choking than Baltimore’s D throwing their game plan off track. The MVP of this game is Todd Heap. He didn’t have any touchdowns, but every time the Ravens needed a big reception on 3rd down, they went to Heap. He kept their drives going by catching 10 passes for 108 yards.

Packers 21 – Eagles 16: This was a good game. One of the deciding factors, in my opinion, is when DeShaun Jackson was out of the game for a quarter with a knee injury. He wasn’t the same for the rest of the game. Normally, defenders can’t keep up with him, but they had no trouble after he came back into the game. He only had 2 catches the whole game. James Starks, a 6th round pick by the Packers, ran for 123 yards, giving balance to their offense for probably the first time since Ryan Grant went down with a season ending injury. Vick also injured his ankle late in the game and didn’t look like he did during the regular season afterwards. Vick ended the game with a bad interception in the end zone with 30 seconds left in the game. The MVP is either Starks or Aaron Rodgers, who threw 3 TDs. Before this game, “experts” were knocking Rodgers for not having won a playoff game yet. His only playoff game so far was a 51-45 loss to the Cardinals last year. Rodgers played great in that game, throwing 4 TDs. It’s not his fault that his defense gave up that many points. He didn’t lose that game, his defense did. Leave Aaron Rodgers alone. He’s played like a top 5 NFL quarterback since he’s taken over for Brett Favre.


John Fox is out

In a move that surprised nobody, the Carolina Panthers announced on Friday that this weeks game would be the last one coached by John Fox. I, like every other Panthers fan, used to love John Fox. He may not have always taken us to the playoffs, but he always kept us competitive and, until this year, they didn’t have a season with a record worse than 7-9 under him. I know that most of what went wrong this year can’t be blamed on him. The GM and owner decided to go young and cheap with the roster. Normally, Fox keeps his mouth shut about personnel decisions, but he didn’t do that this year, which quickened his departure. Although I’m not sad to see him go (he really pissed me off last year when he kept Delhomo as the starter when Matt Moore was doing so much better), I do wish him the best of luck in the future. I don’t think he’ll be unemployed for too long.

I don’t know who they’re going to hire next. There’s been talk of them maybe pursuing Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden. I just hope that whoever they hire is a man that can convince the owner and GM to spend a little money and get some players back on the team. I also hope that whoever they hire can make the GM stop trading away draft picks. They didn’t have a first round pick last year because they traded it to New England to move up in the second round the year before. They don’t have a second round pick this year, because they traded it away to move up in the third round and draft a college quarterback who they wanted to turn into a wide receiver. He didn’t even dress for half their games this year. I don’t know what they’re thinking when they do crap like that.

They have the first overall pick next year. Now, they need to decide if they’re going to stick with Jimmy Claussen, who looks like he’s in way over his head, or draft Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, if he declares for the draft. Honestly, I hope they trade Claussen, and maybe recover a draft pick, pick up a decent quarterback in free agency that has some experience, and draft Luck. That way, whoever the new coach is, they can start from scratch with a quarterback of their own choosing and have him learn from a guy who has been in the league a few years.