My Trip to The Shoe

As many of you may know, I am a big fan of Ohio State football. I have been for as long as I can remember. The highlights of my fandom had been watching them win the National Championships in both 2002 and 2015. I didn’t think anything other than another championship would come close to getting me that pumped up about them. Then, something did.

On Friday, while I was on lunch,  I was playing around on Facebook. I saw a post made by my best friend from high school (the one from the unintentional pickup line story). He said he had an extra ticket to the Ohio State game the following day. Someone else had already asked about it, so I figured he would take that person and I put it out of my mind.

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Counting Them Out

I have gotten into the habit of not writing about football on this blog because I’ve noticed that most of the people that read my blog don’t really care much about football. However, since my Ohio State Buckeyes won the National Championship last night, I thought I’d make an exception and do a post about them.

If you’re not a football fan, don’t worry. In truth, this post will be about a football team, but will have very little to do with the actual game itself. This post is about what they had to go through to get where they are now. The drama all started before the season even began.

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My Football Jerseys

I own eight football jerseys. It seems that no matter which one I wear, I always get at least one comment about them. Whether it’s one of the older ones I wear to work, or one of my newer ones that I’ll wear out and about, someone always feels the need to say something about them to me. When out in public, it’s usually some comment about the team I’m wearing. Either they really like them, or it’s a cacophony of “Your team sucks!”

The people at work however, comment about something else. They comment on the amount of teams that I have a jersey for. All of my college jerseys are for the same team. It’s all about my Ohio State Buckeyes. I have four Ohio State jerseys. My NFL jerseys are a different story.

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Letter To Strangers

Dear people I haven’t met,

This might be a little hard for you to understand, but just because I’m wearing a football shirt (whether Ohio State or Carolina Panthers), it doesn’t mean I want you to come up and talk to me about it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy talking about football. I just like to do it with family or friends, not random assholes that happen to be in my vicinity. I know that may sound harsh, especially since I try to be nice to everyone I meet (as I was raised), but there is a reason for me saying that.

Example 1: Today, at work, I was in the middle of a project. Someone who works for the other company in the building, who I had never seen before, comes walking by me. After seeing my shirt (A red t-shirt that says “Ohio State Buckeyes football” on it), he stops.

“Is Ohio State going to beat Michigan State in the Big 10 championship game on Saturday,” he asks.

I wanted to say something sarcastic, something like, “I must be wearing my fortune teller clothes today, otherwise how could you have known that I can predict the future?” I held my tongue, though, because, once again, I was raised to be nice. Also, I was at work and I didn’t want to risk getting in trouble.

So, I played nice and gave him the short version of my opinion on the game. I didn’t want to spend too much time on it because I had to get my work done. When I was done, he said a few things and I gave him the “I’m not paying attention, but good point” head nod. Thankfully, he finally took the hint as he walked away afterwards.

Less than a minute later is when I started calling him an asshole. Because he interrupted me, I lost track of what I had been doing and I now had to start my project over from the beginning. It took me 25 minutes to finish up something that would’ve only taken 5 more minutes had he just kept his mouth shut.

Example 2: In January of 2011, Mrs. Revis and I were shopping. Once again, I was wearing Ohio State gear, only this time, it was a jersey. We weren’t shopping for anything in particular, just kind of walking around when I heard someone say, “Hey.”

Since I didn’t recognize the voice, I kept walking. Then, they said, “Hey, Buckeye.”

With a sigh, I turned around and asked the guy what was up. He puts on a shit-eating grin and asks, “What does Ohio State’s football team have in common with marijuana?”

I didn’t care what his answer was going to be, so I simply played along and asked, “What?”

“They both get smoked in bowls.”

I will admit that it was a clever joke. During Jim Tressell’s run at Ohio State, with the exception of the year they won the National Championship, his teams didn’t do very good in bowl games.

However, that year (which turned out to be his last season because of the tattoo scandal), a year that they said a Big 10 school couldn’t beat an SEC team, my Buckeyes beat Arkansas in a BCS game.

So, in response to his joke, I said as I walked away, “Tell that to Arkansas.”

Either this guy was a Razorback fan (making him stupid for even bringing it up), or he was mentally unstable, because he went nuts when I said that. He started cursing and throwing a hissy fit in the middle of the store. Mrs. Revis and I got the hell out of there as quickly as we could because we didn’t want to end up on the news.

In conclusion, don’t assume that just because I like football that I’m willing to talk to anyone, at anytime, about it. If you feel that you must talk to me about it, at least ask if I have time to talk about it first. I might be in the middle of something. I could be working, or trying to have some family time. Or maybe I just won’t be in the mood to be hounded by weird strangers who assume I care what they think about football.

My Football Year

My football year was kind of disappointing. This is the first year in about 10 years that I didn’t play fantasy football. This was for a couple of reasons. One, even though I know there are free leagues out there, the one I normally play in has an entry fee and we’ve been broke ever since my wife has gone on maternity leave. Two, I just haven’t had the time since Baby E has been born. Continue reading

The Ohio State Disaster

I haven’t said a lot on here about what has been happening in Columbus lately. In fact, I haven’t said anything on here in a long time. Now that most of what happened at Ohio State has come out, I think it’s time for me to comment on it.

1. Terelle Pryor – I don’t know what else to say except that he’s an idiot. I know it’s hard to be a student athlete. Sure, you get a free education, but the NCAA won’t let you get a job for spending money. That being said, it doesn’t excuse him for breaking the rules. I know that this kind of thing happens on every campus, but that still doesn’t make what he did right. There’s never a good reason to screw over your entire school. As for his future, I don’t see him making it as an NFL quarterback. He was a decent college quarterback, but unless he can learn to throw the ball better, he’ll never make it in the pros.

2. Jim Tressel – He’s an even bigger idiot. Unlike the 18-20 year olds that he coaches, he knows better and even though he knows better, he still lied to the NCAA. He was a great coach, but when you know about something that can derail your entire program, you have to come forward. Protecting your quarterback isn’t worth facing the possibility of losing scholarships and being banned from bowls. Thanks for the National Championship, Jim. Get out.

3. The other players – Pryor wasn’t alone in breaking the rules, but he broke more than the other 4. They are apparently staying in school, but I say they should join Pryor in leaving. They’re suspended for half the season anyway, why not leave now? I know that may sound harsh, but I don’t like anyone or anything that makes my school look bad.

4. Luke Fickell – I don’t know a lot about their interim coach other than he played at OSU and he’s been on the staff for a long time. Since the announcement that he would be taking over, former players have been coming out and saying how great of a coach he is. I hope they’re right.

That’s all for now. I’m sure more will come out about it, but I’ll have to wait until then to say anything about it.

Ohio State wins Sugar Bowl

Ohio State won the Sugar Bowl last night, defeating Arkansas 31-26. While I’m glad they won, they way they won kind of irritated me. This has been how they’ve played ever since Tressel has gotten here. The Buckeyes really haven’t lost a lot of games under Tressel, who took over as coach in 2001. They are 106-22 overall (.828 winning percentage) with a 6-3 record in BCS bowl games (including a national championship) and is 59-13 (.819 winning percentage) against Big 10 opponents. Unfortunately, he handles big games somewhat badly.

Yesterday’s game was a good example of this. They were up 28-10 at halftime, they had the game in hand. When they came out in the second half, they went conservative on both sides of the ball. By the time the third quarter ended, the Razorbacks had cut the lead to 10 points, 31-21. Still, Tressel stayed conservative, and it took an interception with a minute left in the game to secure the win. I wish he’d stop doing that. I wish that when he had control in the game, like they did at halftime, they’d keep the foot on the pedal and just keep running over them. I’m not saying that I want him to run up the score. I just wish he wouldn’t go conservative until the game was out of reach. If he would’ve called the game in the third quarter like he did in the first half, maybe they’d be up 42-17, instead of 31-21. If he was up 42-17 at the start of the fourth quarter, I wouldn’t mind if he went conservative then.

Obviously, not all of his losses have been like that. This year’s Wisconsin game, plus the National Championship games against Florida and LSU, they were getting plowed the whole game. But, most of the time, when they lose, it’s because they go conservative and get beat in the last minute of the game, which almost happened again last night. The bowl game in 2008 against Texas, they were up and gave up the game winning touchdown with 15 seconds left to go. In 2009, in a regular season game against USC, they did the same thing. In 2005, also against Texas, the same thing.

I just hope Tressel finally learns from this, and changes this one little thing, going into next year.