Looking Back: Garth Brooks

I don’t know if I will call Looking Back a series. I really only have one other one I’m planning on doing, but it might be an idea that I use again later. So, for now, please enjoy the first Looking Back post I’m writing.

The basic premise of these Looking Back posts is me listing a movie, song, or TV show that meant one thing to me back when I was younger and means something different looking back on it now. This first one is about a few different songs by Garth Brooks.

Song 1: Friends in Low Places

Back Then: Garth finds some drinking buddies after his woman dumps him because he isn’t classy enough.

Now: Garth  is an asshole who just ruined the wedding of his ex.

The lyrics never actually come out and say it’s a wedding, but the signs point there. It’s a “black tie affair” where people are toasting with champagne. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of it being something else, but it honestly doesn’t matter. Either way, Garth is an asshole who crashes a party thrown by an ex and her new man.

Get over it, Garth. Get over it.

Song 2: That Summer

Back Then: Garth was reminiscing about his first time.

Now: Garth is creepily obsessed with the cougar he lost his virginity to.

After the first couple of verses, it was still ok. Then, when you get to the last one, it becomes creepy. He says things like “And I have rarely held another when I haven’t seen her face,” and “Every time I pass a wheat field and watch it dancing in the wind, although I know it isn’t real I just can’t help but feel her hungry arms again”

Ok, calm down Garth. Once again, I’m going to have to tell you to get over it. Even if she was the best lay in the world, this reaction is a little much. Keep her in your spank bank, but other than that, let it go. It’s not worth it.

My Weekly Soundtrack: 12/3

As I stated in my last weekly soundtrack, I will be filling this week’s up with country music. Now, it has been a long time since I listened to country music regularly, and, even then, it was kind of against my will. During my freshman, and half of my sophomore, year in high school, our bus driver always had the radio on the country station, and we had a 30-45 minute bus ride each way.

A few years later, when I moved out from living with my parents for the first time, my roommate listened to country. So, I picked up a bit from him. Since then, my country listening has been sporadic. Because of this, most (if not all) of the songs on this list will be from the 90s. I will also try to not have the whole list be Garth Brooks. I may, or may not, be successful.

Let’s get on to the music.

Up first today is Tell Me I Was Dreaming by Travis Tritt.

Our second song is Midnight In Montgomery by Alan Jackson.

This is the song that was the first dance at my wedding. Here’s George Strait with I Cross My Heart.

Fourth is Toby Keith with How Do You Like Me Now.

Up fifth is John Michael Montgomery with How Was I To Know.

Sixth is Everywhere by Tim McGraw.

Our last song for this week is When You Come Back To Me Again by Garth Brooks.

Well, my friends, there you go. For those of you who like my normal lists, I will be returning to them next week. I just felt a little bit of a change up was necessary. Hopefully, you liked what you heard. Until next time!

Song Stories: The Dance

Earlier this week, I told you one of my fast food adventures. So, for my newest song story, I figured I’d go ahead and tell you another one. This one comes from my time at Arby’s.

I started there about a year after I graduated high school. When I started, I was a closer. That meant I went in at 4 in the afternoon and left whenever we got everything done for the night. If staffed properly, there should be 4 people there every night: a manager, someone on ‘front line’ (running the drive-thru), someone on ‘back line’ (making the sandwiches), and someone in ‘back room’ (doing the dishes and taking care of food prep).

I was almost always in back room. That meant I helped out on back line until the dinner rush was over, then go back and start on the dishes. Once the dining room closed, I had to go out and clean it, gathering up all of the trays as I went so I could wash them, then spend the rest of the night doing dishes. Then, right before I left, I’d have to put the roast beef in the oven so it’d be ready when the morning people got there. There were two perks to being the one doing the back room: One, you rarely had to deal with customers and two, there was a radio in the back that you got to listen to, provided you didn’t turn it up loud enough for the customers out in the dining room to hear it.

One night, the guy on back line was a little tired of my music. Apparently, 3 straight hours of The Offspring isn’t for everyone…..weird, right?

I, being the nice guy that I am, said that he could control the radio for a little while. Out came The Offspring, in went Garth Brooks. I’m not a huge fan of country music. Most of it is not for me. I do, however, like Garth Brooks.

We had listened to almost all of the CD. Just as the last song started playing (The Dance), our manager came back to ask me to do something. She (I’ll call her Mrs. Fudd, because…well, that’s what I used to call her. She talked like Elmer Fudd.) got done telling me what she wanted me to do and got a disgusted look on her face. “Why are we listening to this country crap,” she complained.

Now, had she asked me to change the CD nicely, I would’ve just let it drop. Since she was a huge bitch about it, however, something had to be done. So, I hit the repeat button on the radio…. and that’s where the radio stayed for the rest of the night. We listened to The Dance for 5 hours in a row.