We’re 4,334,037th!!!!

I have very limited internet access at work. Basically, my job is to pack and ship boxes all day so the only thing they let us do online is use Google to verify shipping addresses. We’re able to look up other stuph, but it won’t let us click on very many links (although it lets me check my email, which doesn’t make much sense). There was a lull in shipping the other day and I had a few minutes to fill. I could have done other things that needed to be done in the warehouse, but I thought a better use of my time was looking up Stuph Blog on Google.

Obviously, the first thing that popped up was the actual Stuph Blog site. Then, there were a few others from other blogs where our name is mentioned.  After those, I came across something different. I didn’t think it would let me, but I clicked on the link anyways. It actually took me to the site and it’s safe to say that the site was informative. Continue reading