And Fiction’s Greatest Assassin Is….


With 46.6% of the vote, the Merc With the Mouth has won the title of Fiction’s Greatest Assassin in this episode of Versus.

Tied for second, with 13.3 % of the vote were Fitz and Lord Vetinari.

The rest all tied for third with 6.6% of the vote.

I want to take the time to thank all of the wonderful people who submitted answers for this poll. I’d also like to take the time to thank everyone who voted in the poll. I hope everyone thought this experiment was a fun one.

If you have an idea for a Versus question I should submit for answers, feel free to leave it in the comments.

Have a good night everyone.

Versus: 0205

Hey, everybody. It’s time for the newest episode of Versus. This time it will be a battle royal, with you, the readers deciding the outcome. A week ago, I put up a post asking for you to tell me who you think Fiction’s Greatest Assassin is. I received a good number of answers. So, I will be putting the nominees in a list below, along with the arguments that the people who nominated made for them. At the bottom of the page, I will be putting a poll up for everyone to vote on.

If you are one of the people who nominated a character, be sure to tell everyone to come vote. We want this to be biggest voter turnout yet for Versus (though that’s not going to take much, to be honest).


  1. Nominated by Jessie : Fitz – hands down.
    Because he’s an excellent assassin but he can’t ever seem to control his heart. Which thinking about it doesn’t make him unique in the assassin world… perhaps it’s just that last time I read a book with him in it Robin Hobb had me convinced that *I* had a black eye, that I was actually Fitz. And when a writer sucks you in that completely how can you not love their character?
  2. Jodi Lea says: I’m thinking Medusa. Why? Because she seduced her prey to come to her, and because she really rocked a bad-hair day.
  3. faithhopechocolate weighed in with: Lord Vetinari, patrician of Ankh Morpork. Why? Because he graduated from the Guild of Assassins and now rules the city and surrounding areas, having created peace by being a quiet but reasonable tyrant who hasn’t done any killing himself for years that we know of, by using all the tricks he learnt about sneaking around and gathering information so that the Guild of Assassins have actually taken him off their books.
  4. Jaded’s choice is: Anton Chigurh. Pure business, no compassion, and to my knowledge has never been caught.
  5. Firewaves21 has the opinion: I think the white walkers might be fictions greatest assassins. Those guys are bad ass and pretty darn scary. I know we are all waiting on the edge our seats to see if anyone, anything, can defeat them. eeeek
  6. djmatticus has his two cents: Fictions greatest assassin is: la femme Nikita.
    She starts as a drug addict, is forced into an impossible decision, makes the best of it through force of will, and ends up surpassing the people who trained her.
  7. And last, because that’s how I roll, is my choice: Deadpool. There’s a book that’s called “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” that shows Deadpool assassinating every single Marvel character there is. Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, even Galactus. If you can kill every Marvel character there is, then you are Fiction’s Greatest Assassin. Plus, you know, he’s Deadpool, so that also makes him Fiction’s Coolest Assassin.

There you have it folks. There are the choices. Be sure to cast your vote in the poll below. Good luck to everyone who nominated someone.

Agent X

I recently started a subscription to Marvel Unlimited. For those of you who don’t know, Marvel Unlimited lets you read pretty much every Marvel comic ever printed, except for those published in the last 6 to 8 months or so. Now, you’d think that since I’ve been out of the comic loop for a while, I would use this opportunity to catch up on some things. So far, though, I’ve been using it to reread comics that were once part of my collection.

I have decided to talk about a couple of them as part of this NaBloPoMo. Up first is Agent X.

Agent X is actually a spinoff of Deadpool. The basic story is that a mysterious figure shows up on the doorstep of one of Deadpool’s aassociates a few days after the merc with a mouth goes missing and is presumed dead. This mysterious figure has Deadpool’s personality and healing factor, so , even though he looks slightly different ( he has scars on his face shaped like x’s instead of the normal all over scarring ) , friends and foes alike assume he is Deadpool . 

Agent X , also now going by the name Alex Hayden , can’t remember anything about his past, and he doesn’t care. All he cares about is starting the biggest and best mercenary business in the world. The rest of  the series is the stories of the jobs he gets.

This series only lasted 15 issues. The first six were good. The last three were good. The six in the middle? Not so much. What did the good ones have in common? They were all written by the same person: Gail Simone.  She was so much better than the other people they had write. The main difference is that when she wrote it , the jokes (you know  there’s going to be jokes. It’s a Deadpool type book) flowed freely and were usually funny. The other writers made the jokes seem forced and they were usually not funny. 

Anyways, the series ends with everyone learning (surprise, surprise ) that Agent X is not Deadpool. They team up to defeat the bad guy and then go their separate ways.

As for what happened to Agent X after the series was cancelled, I’m not sure. He probably popped up again somewhere down the line in Deadpool’s adventures. Hopefully, the got along better during their second meeting than they did in their first . 

All in all, they are worth the read. Just don’t give up on it when it starts to get worse towards the middle.