Hoopla is an app I have for my phone that works with my local library. With it, I’m able to borrow digital versions of things just like I’d be able to borrow the physical copies from the library. It has ebooks, audio books, music, movies, and TV shows. Mostly, I use it for ebooks and music.

The ebooks that I borrow are almost all of the same kind: comic books. While there are some single issue stuff, most of the comics available to borrow are collections, anywhere between 4-6 issues of a given title. I really haven’t used it on many Marvel titles, because I have Marvel Unlimited, but anything DC that I’ve read since their Rebirth event has been on Hoopla.

It’s also allowed me to read things I’ve never known about before, like Valiant Comics. Before Hoopla, the only Valiant character I’d ever heard of was X-O Manowar, and that’s only because he once had a Game Boy game where he teamed up with Iron Man. Now, I’ve read a number of their books.

There’s Bloodshot (which started off strong, but got weaker around 15-20 issues in when they put him with a team). There was ShadowMan (a mystic/voodoo story set in New Orleans). And, of course, X-O Manowar (which was probably the best of the bunch).

Hoopla also gave me access to comics from Dragon Age, Firefly/Serenity, and Dark Matter (although I think they lost the rights to the Firefly ones because I don’t see them anymore).

Out of the other things Hoopla offers, the only one that I really use is music. I don’t do audio books. The one time I tried one, it pretty much made me fall asleep. And, if I want to watch a movie or TV show, Netflix has a much better selection.

As far as their music goes, they have a decent selection. And, a lot of the time, you can get things fairly quickly after they’re released. I was able to borrow Disturbed’s newest CD the same day it was released.

While there are a couple of things that I don’t like about it (there are a limited number of titles you can borrow (12 a month) and that each episode of a TV show is considered one borrow), I really like this app. And, the best thing about it, it’s completely free with my library card. If you want to give it a shot, check out your local library and see if they offer it.