The Return of Pu Onyu

It has been a long time since Pu Onyu last roamed. I’d say it’s been at least 15 years. Now he’s back, hopefully to save the world once again.

You see, whenever I play a video game that lets you put in a name of your choice, I always (as long as they allow enough letters) put in something goofy. The name Torr Nupp (from my Star Wars fan fiction series) was originally a name I had used on KOTOR. I recently played through a dark side campaign of KOTOR 2 as a female named Krushen Yernutz. As the people who stood in her way could testify, if they were still alive, she lived up to her name.

Pu Onyu was a name that I used on the game Jade Empire. It was made by Bioware (the company that also made the KOTOR, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect games) and was released on the original Xbox system. I honestly remember very little about the game other than the character name I made up. The story is kind of a blank to me right now. All I really remember is that it’s a martial arts RPG and that I enjoyed playing it.

So, I was a little excited when I was looking around on my Xbox One and saw that I could buy it from their store (Yes, I realize that it’s been up on Steam for a while, but I don’t really like playing games on the computer. Personally, I prefer consoles). Using part of a gift card I got for Christmas, I bought it, which was an ordeal unto itself.

First, it wouldn’t let me use the gift card from the One so I tried my PC. Again, using the card was not an option to buy it. It said it had to be a credit card. Then, I went to Microsoft’s website and it said that it should work from my 360 (although I don’t see why the console or computer I was using made a difference. It’s all connected to the same Xbox Live account). So, I tried it from my 360 and it kept throwing up an error message about communicating with their server. I gave up for the night and tried it again the next morning.

It finally worked.

After every time I download a new game, I’ll play it for a few minutes to make sure it works correctly. For Jade Empire, I played the first half hour of the game before turning it off. I learned 2 things during that 30 minutes. One: Nathan Fillion (probably most known for his role as Private Ryan) does one of the voices on the game. Two: it plays differently than I thought I remembered. Not that it being different is a bad thing. I’ll just need to get used to playing it again.

That will have to wait for now, however. I’m still going through my light side playthrough of KOTOR 2 and I want to finish that before I start getting back into Jade Empire. For now, it’s enough to know that Pu Onyu is out there again and he will soon go back to kicking bad guy asses.

Dragon Age 2

The first Dragon Age, Dragon Age: Origins, was another of Bioware’s instant classics, along the lines of KOTOR. Origins was grand in scope, with the future of the world hanging in the balance. It’s a game that you can play multiple times and find something new each time you play it. When I heard that they were making a sequel, I knew that I had to get it as soon as it came out.

Dragon Age 2 has done some things to improve on the first game. The fighting is smoother. The talents are upgraded. The graphics are a lot better. Plus, they let you have the dog without having him use up one of your party slots. There are a few things about the second game that aren’t as good as the first one.

The scope, which they say is grand, you never see because you spend the entire game in one city. It just doesn’t feel like what you’re doing is all that important. The story is just not as good as the first game. Plus they brought back too many people from the first game. I can forgive bringing in Isabella because she was in the first game for all of two minutes. The others, however, are unnecessary. It’s like having R2-D2 and C-3PO in the Star Wars prequels. It’s stupid and takes away from a story that’s already lacking.

It’s still a fun game to play and I plan on playing it again.