My Team

As most of you are aware of, this Sunday is the Super Bowl. I’m usually excited about the Super Bowl regardless of who is playing, but this year, I’m even more excited. My Carolina Panthers are playing in it.

One of the questions I get most often when people find out that I like the Panthers is: Why do you like Carolina? You’re not from there.

I’ve said it before on this blog, and I’ll say it again, just because you’re from, or live in, a certain area doesn’t mean you have to root for the local team. That’s not how it works.

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Living in the Basketball State

I’ve lived in Kentucky for most of my life, so I know how obsessed most of the people in this state are with basketball. The other night, however, that obsession hit a new low (in my eyes, anyways). My supervisor called us all together for a meeting. Normally, these meetings are about changes in our processing procedures. This one was not. This meeting was to tell us that next Monday we’d be working earlier than usual. I work 2-11 every day. Monday we’re working from 12-9. The reason we’re working 12-9? We’re working 12-9 so that everybody can go home and watch the NCAA Championship basketball game.

I’m all for getting out of work before 11, but this is just ridiculous. If this is how crazy the people of Kentucky are about basketball, why has no NBA owner brought a team in? You’d think that they’d be able to make some money from these people. Plus, they can market the NBA team to the college fans by calling the team the “Kentucky WildCards”, that way you get both UK and Louisville fans. I  know some U of L fans might be upset that UK seems to go first in the name, but they can get over it, because that’s the only way to combine the names so that it makes sense. I think it would work. Now, I just need to get ahold of an NBA owner so I can get a cut of the action if they ever do this.

Another reason to hate LeBron

I really don’t care about the NBA. I’ll watch the highlights on Sportscenter, but that’s usually about it. Sometimes things happen that I’ll like or dislike. For the most part, though, I don’t find myself talking about the NBA or any of it’s players. While watching ESPN earlier, I saw LeBron James say something that I thought was so stupid, I just had to say something about it.

During a postgame interview, James said that he and his teammates call themselves the “Heatles”. That’s right. The “Heatles”. Not only is that a ridiculously lame play on words, I feel like now I have to quote the high school principal from Billy Madison. “We’re all stupider now for having heard that.”

I am not a Beatles fan. In fact, I really don’t like their music, but I give respect where respect is due. The Beatles changed music. Every band/musician out there is influenced either by the Beatles or musicians that were influenced by the Beatles. They are the most recognizable band in the world, and they haven’t been together in 35 years or so. Their music defined their generation. No other group has done what the Beatles have done. The only band that came close is Nirvana, and they might’ve done it if Cobain hadn’t died. When people think of the Beatles, they think one thing: “greatest band of all time”.

If you take what the Beatles have done and compare it to what the Heat has done, it’s not even close. Maybe, sometime in the future, if they win a few championships, we might start putting them on the list for the greatest basketball team of all time, but it still wouldn’t be equal to what the Beatles did. The Beatles not only changed music, they changed the world. The Heat could possibly change the way we view basketball, but they’re not going to change the way we look at the world. So far, the only thing LeBron has changed is how the people of Cleveland, and most of America, sees him. He used to be seen as a great player. Now he’s seen as douchebag who pissed on the people who loved him. All he’s done is shown his true colors. He left Cleveland because he couldn’t handle the pressure of carrying a team, so he went to a place where he didn’t have to. He came out with a commercial trying to tell the people he wasn’t the bad guy. If you have to tell people that you’re not the bad guy….you’re the bad guy.

I’m not from Cleveland, and I don’t pay all that much attention to basketball. If I can see this without paying much attention, imagine what I’d be able to say if I did.