Southside Protector: Chapter 3

His knee drove down into the man’s ribs. This was the part where he’d normally hear them snap, but all Daniel heard was a small grunt. That was not good news for him. It meant that the man would be a lot tougher than he originally expected him to be. He still had no doubt that he could beat the man, but it would take more than his enhanced physical skills.
Daniel reached for his laser weapon, but the fire bomber swatted him away before he could grip it. He found himself flying backwards through the fire and slamming hard into the concrete wall. His vision blurred for a moment as pain ran rampant all over his body. Even during practice sessions with other Protectors, he had never been hit that hard and the Protectors practiced at full strength. Whatever this man was, he was stronger than Daniel.
The man stepped back into the fire. “Join me,” he bellowed mockingly. “Let us see who can withstand this trial by fire.”
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Southside Protector: Chapter 2

“What do Protectors do?”
His eyes jerked open to see his predecessor standing in his face. Daniel knew where he was, but it didn’t make any sense. This particular event happened twenty-two years ago. Somehow, he was reliving his first day as a Collector. “A Protector is responsible for putting down all the crime in Cincington and saving its citizens from harm,” his younger self said.
His predecessor, William James, launched into the history of the town. He spoke about how it used to be two separate towns, in two different states, with a river in between them. That river dried up many years before Daniel was born and the two cities became one. It was then divided up into five sections: Northside, Westside, Eastside, Southside, and Central. He remembered thinking that the section names were the most unoriginal names he’d ever heard. At least they were practical, though.
Like originality, the concept of states was no longer around in his time either. There were no United States anymore. It was just America.

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Southside Protector: Chapter 1

The laser beam shot right past his head. If he hadn’t ducked, it would have hit him right in the mouth. A laser beam to the face was not a sensation that he particularly wanted to experience. Something else he didn’t want to experience was the smell of burning hair, but for some reason he was. Wait, he stopped himself, why am I smelling burning hair?
He reached back behind his head and had a clump of his long red ponytail come off in his hand. “Oh, come on,” he shouted at the shooter. “Do you know how long it took me to grow that?” Then he thought of his daughter. “Tatiana is going to be pissed,” he mumbled.

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