Happy Birthday!!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish my older brother, Twindaddy, a happy birthday. We’ve had our differences over the years (although those were almost all when we were growing up), but I couldn’t ask for a better brother. He’s been there for me whenever I’ve needed him and I know he always will be.

Happy birthday, Twindaddy. I hope you have a relaxing, joyous day.

No Longer Home – Part 2

His mind was racing. There was an animal in front of him that was talking. Not just talking, but threatening to kill him. What was he supposed to do here? John had spent no time outdoors, so any interaction with a wild animal was new. Add in the fact that the animal was impossibly speaking, and it was too far outside his comfort zone for him to have any idea what to do in this situation.

With a growl, the wolf charged. John backed away until he ran into a tree. His eyes darted back and forth in hopes of spotting something he could use as a weapon. Unless a leaf hurt it, though, there was nothing around. He saw the wolf jump his way and an immediate wave of dizziness hit him. The world turned black and John felt himself falling.

The next thing he knew, a weight hit his chest and bounced off. It was a struggle to open his eyes, but he did it. John was on the ground. The weight that hit him was that of the wolf. As best as he could figure, he’d fainted and the wolf missed him as he fell, running into the tree instead. Still groggy, he moved away from the animal as quickly as he could.

It didn’t move to follow him. Once his head stopped spinning, he took a closer look. John was no veterinarian, but even he could see that the wolf’s neck was broken. There was no way it could be alive with the awkward angle the animal’s head was laying.

“Blacktail!” John froze. Where did that voice come from? “Did you find the human yet?”

He took a quick look at the wolf’s backside and saw that there were enough dark hairs for the dead animal to be named “Blacktail”. John almost sighed in frustration, but caught himself. Any sound might give away his position and he certainly didn’t want to do that. He cursed his luck that there were others around. It never entered his mind that his attacker might have friends out here. Then again, his mind hadn’t been working correctly ever since he first heard an animal speak.

It was imperative that he get as far away from Blacktail’s friends as quickly as he could. The only problem was that there were so many leaves on the ground that moving quietly would be impossible. If he moved, they’d hear him. If he didn’t move, they’d find him eventually. Either way, he was in trouble. At least if he moved, he’d have a chance to get away from them. So, that’s what he would do.

He slowly got to his feet. His movements didn’t sound very loud to him, but he wasn’t a wolf. If wolves could hear as good as some dogs did, they still might have heard him. One foot raised up and took a tentative step forward. A small crunch sounded, but to John it was as loud as a gunshot. Frightened, he threw caution to the wind and broke into a sprint. Weaving his way in between trees, he moved as fast as his legs would take him. He didn’t know how far he’d gotten when his right foot bounced off something mid-stride and threw him off balance. Looking back, a large tree root stuck out of the ground.

John turned back around and found himself face-to-face with another wolf. Every brain cell in his head told him to get up and run, but he was frozen with fear. Suddenly, the wolf turned away from him. A moment later, a question came from the area the wolf was now looking at.

“Sharptooth, do you see it?”

The wolf looked back at him for a second before turned back to the source of the question. “It’s heading towards the river,” the wolf yelled back, leaving John staring at the animal in confusion.

Another Anniversary

When I opened my WordPress app yesterday, I was greeted with this notification:

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing this blog for that long. It certainly doesn’t feel like 12 years. Although, going back and reading some of those early posts, I can see that my writing style has changed a bit since I started. In fact, some of those early posts are hard for me to read because they’re so bad. I even went back and deleted a few of them. I may delete a few more if I get the urge to go through them.

Cutting the List

It’s a rare occurrence for me to spend much time on this blog these days. I pulled it up today in hopes to add a post on here. Not sure what to write, I pulled up the reader and sorted through the posts that others had put up. While doing this, I noticed that the majority of posts were written by the same five or six people. I felt like I needed to change this, so I searched for some new posts.

The first suggested topic was the word “comics”. I went ahead and clicked on it and read a few of the posts that popped up. There were a couple that I liked and I followed the authors so I’ll be able to go back and read a few of their older posts when I get a little more time. I also commented on one or two while I was at it.

After spending that time looking for new bloggers to follow, I went back and tried to figure out why my current “Followed Sites” list was so heavily occupied by only a few bloggers. What I discovered was that many of the bloggers I’ve followed over the years no longer blog. Most of them, in fact.

I went through my list and unfollowed any blog that hadn’t posted anything in over two years. There were a lot more than I expected.

What I was left with was a list of twenty-four blogs, two of which I started following today. Honestly, at first I was going to use one year as my measuring stick, but it would’ve left it at closer to fifteen. For some reason, having that few on my list bothered the hell out of me, so I left them on it.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to browse through the various blogs out there and try to build my list back up. Even if I don’t post as often as I used to, I’d like to still be out there in the blogosphere, reading those who chose to put themselves out there for the world to see.

Losing It

I wrote a post a while back about how I had written something that I didn’t really like and that it would be easier for me to start it over than edit it. So, that’s what I did. I started over. Between my work schedule, and both of my daughters playing sports, I didn’t get a lot written in this new version of the story. But, I did get some. At least five pages worth on the word processor I use on my computer.

Last night, I had a little free time in between mowing the lawn and my younger girl getting done with soccer practice. I pulled up the file and thought about what I’d add to it. Those thoughts were soon gone, replaced by curse words and confusion.

Only one page was there.

What the hell? Did I forget to save it? That couldn’t be it. The word processor automatically saves every few minutes. Besides, I wouldn’t have lost that much if that’s what it was. I’d have only lost one page, not four.

Did I somehow revert back to an older version of the file before saving? I don’t know how I’d have done that. I don’t know how to pull up an older version of the file. Hell, I don’t even know if it’s possible to revert to an older version of a file.

I looked around the folders on my computer to see if there were any other versions anywhere, but if there were, I didn’t see them.

Guess it’s time to start writing it for the third time….