More Random Questions

Once again, I find myself stumped for something to post on here. I don’t know why I’m finding it so hard to come up with things to put on here. So, I plucked some more questions to answer from a random question generator. Let’s see how this goes:

  1. Have you ever eaten sushi? – Hell no! I don’t eat cooked fish. Why the hell would I eat it raw?
  2. What are your favorite books? – My favorite book is The Erratic Sun by Michael Hansen and Matthew Blashill, available for purchase on Amazon. It is the greatest book of all time. Although, it does say “books”, so I should probably add more to make it plural. Timeline by Michael Crichton, the DragonLance Legends trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, and all of the Myron Bolitar books by Harlan Coben.
  3. Are you religious? – I dislike any and all organized religions. 
  4. Have you ever eaten food from the trash? – Hell no! That’s disgusting. Although, to be fair, I may have done it when I was a kid and just don’t remember doing it. 
  5. What is your favorite holiday? – I’m not a big holiday guy. I used to love them all when I was younger. Now, I only care about them if they get me a paid day off work. I enjoy my daughter’s reactions to the holidays far more than I like the holidays themselves.
  6. If you could have any kind of pet, what would you choose? – One that takes care of itself.
  7. If you could become invisible, what would you do? – Honestly, I don’t know if I’d do anything with that power. My teenaged self would’ve probably said that I’d use it to steal money or sneak into the girl’s locker room at school. Nowadays, I know better than to do either of those things. 
  8. Do you have any allergies? – I’m allergic to cats.
  9. What is your favorite sport? – Football. 
  10. which do you like better, being a passenger or driver? – That depends entirely upon who would be driving if I wasn’t.
  11. Have you ever been to Comic-con? – No. I wouldn’t mind going to one sometime, but I have yet to do so.
  12. Have you ever been to Africa? – Nope. Never left America before.
  13. What is your favorite sandwich? – The Italian BMT from Subway is pretty good.
  14. What is your favorite breakfast meal? – BACONNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Have you ever sewed? – A few times during a home ec class back in middle school, but that’s it.

There you have it folks. Answers to questions you didn’t ask.


I Don’t Have the Words

If you look at my latest posts, you’ll notice that, with the exception of the last one (which was wholly depressing), they’ve all been about my Versus posts. The reason for that is simple: I can’t think of something that I want to say on here.

The Versus posts are easy, especially since you wonderful people out there contribute to them. There’s very little to them and they only take a few minutes to throw together…. usually.

As far as other things go, I’ve been coming up empty lately. Maybe it’s because I’ve put in so much energy doing non-blog writing. I have multiple stories either in the writing or editing process that I’m hoping will be published soon. I also have plans to start writing more of them once these are finished. I love writing these stories.

I’m not feeling the love when it comes to blog posts lately, though. Nothing jumps out at me anymore. I used to see something and get excited about writing a post about it. Now, I feel like I have to put a post up every once in a while. To be honest, the only reason I’m even doing this post is because I forgot to upload the file I want to be working on to my phone.

I’ve gone through funks like this before, where I just don’t feel like posting anything. This one feels different somehow. 

Hell, I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up with an exciting idea for a blog post and this little post will look ridiculous. I highly doubt it.

But, you never know…


I’ve had a couple of late entries into the Fiction’s Greatest Wizard ring, so I’m going to extend the deadline until Friday at 11:59 p.m. EST. If you want to tell us all who you think Fiction’s Greatest Wizard is, go here and tell us in the comments. Any entry left before the cutoff time will be put into a poll so everyone can cast their vote for who they think Fiction’s Greatest Wizard is!

Here We Go Again With the Questions

I’ve seen a couple of people do posts where they answer questions. I thought about doing the questions that they did, but there were over 100 of them, and I don’t have time for that. So, instead, I decided to find a random question generator and told it to give me 20.

Here we go.

Which do you like better, Google or Apple? The only Apple product I’ve ever used is my wife’s iPad, and that hasn’t been very much, so I’m going Google on this one.
Do you like bugs? Hell no. Those little bastards are always trying to get in my house.
Which do you like better, ninjas or pirates? Look at my header picture. Is there a pirate on it? No. Is there a ninja? Yes. I think you have your answer.

What is your favorite eye color? Well, mine are blue, my wife’s are green, and my daughter’s are blue, but starting to kind of creep on over to the green side. So….blue/green?

Have you ever shoplifted? When I was in high school. I stole some football cards from a convenience store. My younger brother tried to do it too, but got busted and promptly ratted me out. So, in order to keep the cops out of it, we had to clean the store for an hour every day after school for a week. I took the first week. He was supposed to take the second, but when it came time for my brother to do his, he got pink eye and I had to do it for him. I got hosed….

What is your favorite fruit? Pineapple, provided it’s not cooked. I hate cooked pineapple.

Do you like roller coasters? I did before I hurt my back. Now, not so much.

Have you ever cut someone else’s hair? I want to say that I have, but I don’t specifically remember doing it.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Nope, and I don’t plan on ever getting any. I don’t have anything against people that do those things, they’re just not for me.

What is your favorite drink? Sunkist, although I’m trying to cut back on drinking soft drinks.

Have you ever been stopped by the police? A couple of times, but the only ticket I ever got was from a cop in Detroit for not wearing my seatbelt. 

Which do you like better, black socks or white socks? Whichever kind keeps me from sticking my bare feet in my shoes.

Do you have pets? My daughter has a fish named Kiki. He’s a betta, or a Siamese fighting fish if you want to get technical. However, because he’s purple, my daughter says he has to be a girl. I tried to explain that just because it was purple, that didn’t make it a girl, but she wasn’t having it.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Four. One pair of dress shoes, one that I wear to work, one that I wear outside of work, and one I only wear when I’m mowing my yard.

How many books did you read last year? I don’t know. I didn’t keep count. Probably somewhere between 15-20, I’d guess.

What are your favorite hot dog toppings? Gulden’s Spicy Brown mustard. That’s some good stuff.

Do you like to dance? No. In fact, I dislike it. I will do it on a few specific occasions, however. If my wife or daughter ask me to, I will. Or if I’m drunk….

What is your favorite hair color? I honestly don’t have a preference. They all look good, depending on who is wearing them.

Have you ever dined and dashed? Nope. I’ve joked about it, but I’ve never actually done it.

Have you ever been in a play? Nope. The only acting I ever did was when I worked at Walmart and I pretended that I didn’t hate it there.

 There you go. Hope you learned something there. I didn’t. I already knew all those answers.

Walking In To Stupidity

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the need to vent about work on here. I try not to, but something happened today that almost made me crush my skull from the enormous face palm I was forced to give it.

For those of you who don’t remember, or didn’t know in the first place, the company I work for does contract work repairing radios for a car stereo manufacturer. While we do some retail models, most of what we handle are factory installed radios that are still under warranty. An order is generated when a car dealership calls in and says there’s a problem with a radio. Those orders go on a list which I go out to the warehouse, pick, put the radios into a box, and then ship. It’s fairly simple.

Now, every once in a while, we’ll get an email from the order takers telling us to cancel an order. Sometimes it’s because there was a system error and they need to re-enter the order, but it’s usually because the dealer will call back and say they don’t need it anymore. That’s what happened on Friday. I got an email telling me to cancel an order. So, I did. And, like I have to do every time I cancel an order, I sent an email confirming that I cancelled it. My job was done.

Then, I came into work this morning. The first thing I do after starting every day is check my email. That’s when I saw this:

Hello, Can you tell me if this order
was Cancel. Order# @#$%^&*/  Dealer said he called. Talk to someone, request it to be Cancel. Well the dealer called back today. And he still needs this radio. So please do not cancel. If you didn’t. please ship it out. And let me know. Thank you

Besides the atrocious grammar, there are many things incredibly wrong with this email. Things that make me want to punch holes in some of the boxes we have around here. Let me go through them for you as if I was talking to the person who sent it, because I can’t actually say these things to her or I’d be fired.

“Hello, Can you tell me if this order
was Cancel”

Yes, it was cancelled. If you would check your email, you’d already know this.

“Dealer said he called. Talk to someone, request it to be Cancel.”

The dealer said they called and talked to someone about cancelling the order? Yeah, they did. It was you, you moron. You’re the one who sent me the email asking for the order to be cancelled, so they obviously talked to you.

“Well the dealer called back today. And he still needs this radio. So please do not cancel.”

Today is Tuesday. Per your request,  I cancelled the order back on Friday. As far as I know, time travel is impossible, so I can’t go back and uncancel it.

“If you didn’t. please ship it out. And let me know. Thank you”

Once again, I sent you confirmation back on Friday that this order had been cancelled. I can’t ship it out because…oh, I don’t know….THE ORDER WAS CANCELLED!!!!


How to Properly Choose Food.

Me: *puts box of Pop Tarts in shopping cart*

Mrs. Revis: Why are you getting those? I thought you didn’t like that flavor.

Me: It’s not that I don’t like them, I just think other flavors are better.

Mrs. Revis: Why don’t you put those back and get a flavor you like better?

Me: Because those other flavors don’t have Batman on them.