Who I’d Call

A few days ago, I asked you which non superhero/comic book character you would call to save you if you were being accosted by bad guys. I also promised to let you know my choice in a later post. Well, this is that later post.

The character that I would call is….

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Who you gonna call?

There’s some kind of mixup in your life. Some very bad people want to do some very bad things to you over some misunderstanding. The police can’t help you. The only person that can help you is a fictional character.

Which one do you pick?

The obvious answer would likely be of the superhero variety, right? Superman, Batman, Spiderman, or Captain America coming to your rescue?

Well, anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not a fan of the obvious answer, so I’m going to take it away.

Which non superhero/comic book character would you call to save you from bad guys? I know my answer (I’ll be writing it in a follow up post), but what’s yours? Who you gonna call?

Any Preferences?

I’m thinking about starting a new story on this blog. It will be much like my other ones where I’d post chapters of it as I got them finished. What I’d like to know from you is, if I do this, is there a particular style that you’d like to see me write in?

Would you rather it be funny or serious? Or perhaps an equal mixture of both? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Comic book? Some other genre?

If you have a suggestion, just leave me a comment letting me know what it is.

Cultural Differences

The woman who works in the office at work is Japanese (as in actually born and raised in Japan). I’ve posted a couple of stories, years ago, about a few times when she had a little trouble with our language or ways of doing things, such as this example. After things are explained to her, she usually questions why things are done, or said, that way.

I rarely have the answer.

Yesterday, however, the tables were turned and I was the one left wondering why she said something that she did.

I have been congested and coughing for almost a week now. Well, yesterday I was in the tech room and I felt a sneeze coming. There were no tissues in the tech room, so I tried to hold it in. I was only partially successful. A little bit of snot came out. I looked around, found a paper towel, and wiped my nose.

It was bleeding.

I held the paper towel in place and walked to the office to get a tissue because the paper towel was rough and hurting my nose. She asked what happened. I told her. Then she said, “It’s probably from all that porn you watch.”

Ummm…. what?

First of all, I don’t watch porn. Not anymore, anyway. Although, even when I was younger I only watched a couple. It’s not that I have anything against porn, it’s just that I don’t care about any sex that doesn’t involve me.

Second, even if I did watch porn, I sure wouldn’t do it at work. Having my coworkers around would be a pretty big mood killer.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, why would watching porn give me a nose bleed? How would watching porn give me a nose bleed? What connected the two things? Did I even want to know the answer to these questions?

Probably not.

So, I just let it drop and walked away. When I got back to the tech room, one of the techs, who saw me walk out holding the paper towel to my nose, asked me what happened. I told him. Then I mentioned the comment made by the woman in the office.

“Yeah, that’s a thing in Japan apparently,” he told me. “In just about every anime that I’ve watched, any time a man sees a woman naked, their nose starts gushing blood.”

Again… why? I would think that if watching porn was going to make a man start gushing fluids, it wouldn’t be blood and it wouldn’t be coming from his nose. Unless, of course, the bloody nose is supposed to be a metaphor for that.

I suppose the easiest way to get the answers to these questions is to ask the woman in the office about it. I won’t be doing that, however. I realize that she’s the one who brought it up, but, depending on the answer, it might make for an uncomfortable conversation for me to be having with someone who is technically my boss.

I think I’ll leave well enough alone for now and hope someone reading this will tell me in the comments.

Rest In Peace

I don’t normally do more than one post a day, but I felt it was warranted today.

I just heard that Stan Lee passed away.

Stan Lee is probably the most influential person ever in the comic book industry. The characters he created, or helped create, will live on long after his passing.

Rest in peace, Stan. You changed the world with your talent. Your work made life better. You will be missed.

New Story Coming Out

Sometime within the next few days, my newest work of fiction will be coming out on Amazon. It is a short story set in an all new world from any of my previous stories. I’ll post an update once it has officially launched, and obviously provide a link for those who want to purchase it.

I hope you all will enjoy it and I want to thank all of you on WordPress who continue to support me.