Checking In

Here we are, once more. Another post about this being the first one back from an extended absence in my on again/ off again relationship with blogging.

It’s been around three months since my last post. Things have been pretty busy for me during that time. Work, family time, the kids’ sports, etc. I’ve also dedicated a lot of what little free time I’ve had to my novels. Yes, you read that correctly. Novels, as in plural, more than one. Some of them are closer to being done than others. I’m hoping that the one closest to being done will be published within the next few months, but life has a way of messing with plans, so I don’t want to promise anything yet.

Because the majority of my free time is being used on my novel writing, all of my other free time activities have taken a back seat. I watch almost no TV and movies anymore unless it’s with my wife and/or daughters. The only video game I’ve played recently is Left 4 Dead 2, which I play with Mrs. Revis when we have the time. And I have read very little lately. The only book I’ve finished recently is the new Harlan Coben novel. I’ve only read a handful of posts on here in the past couple of months. Mostly, the only reading I’ve done lately is reading comics on either Marvel Unlimited or DC Infinite while I’m on breaks at work, and that’s only because I can get through a whole issue on my tiny ten minute break.

Maybe I’ll get back to posting on here regularly. Maybe I won’t. If the past is any indication, it’s only a matter of time before I start back up. Until then, keep up your good work, my friends.

Mostly Away

Hello, my friends. It’s been awhile. Things have been hectic around here lately and I haven’t spent much time in the blogosphere in the past few weeks. I’ve read a few posts and thrown out some likes, but I haven’t written anything and I really haven’t commented on much.

The next week doesn’t look like it’s going to be any better, but I’m going to try to carve out a few minutes when I get home so I can schedule the second part of Haunted Angel to publish tomorrow.

Until then, I’ll be mostly away, but still kinda here.

Here We Go Again

Another NanoPoblano down, another NanoPoblano hangover. I’ve only done one post since November ended, and I only did that one to work through the trauma that my brain endured due to that guy’s words. I’m still not over it, mostly because he keeps adding to it. For those of you who are curious, here are some of the new things he’s told me in the past week: a fully detailed account of his dog’s pooping habits, his thighs sometimes chafe from rubbing together, he’s got a cyst on his tailbone that will occasionally leak blood into his underwear, and he’s quitting the second job he just got after two days because a couple of his coworkers there talked openly about being gay and it made him uncomfortable.

But, anyway…

This happens every time I do NanoPoblano. Afterwards, I always have trouble either coming up with ideas for new posts, or I just don’t have the motivation to write any new posts. In this case, it’s more of a motivation thing. I have an idea for a post. It’s a lyric suggestion for my Song Lyric Stories. The problem is I’ve started it. If you’re wondering why that’s a problem, it’s because I’ve started it four different times now. I’ll write a paragraph or two and I’ll either not like what I’ve written or lose interest in it. Then I’ll start over again.

I’ve also thought about doing a post or two about movies or shows I’ve watched recently and I can’t even muster the energy to begin writing those posts. I’ve read a few things lately that I could possibly do a review for, but nothing that gets me excited enough to get in front of a keyboard to do it.

On the other hand, I have gotten some writing done in my current novel project. It’s never a lot, maybe a few hundred words at a time, but it’s more progress than I had been making.

Unfortunately, I think my writing time will be severely limited coming up. Not only is it the holiday season, I’m also on mandatory overtime until after the new year as my company tries to push out as much as it can before 2022 ends. The paychecks will be nice, but I see a lot of tiredness in my future.

So, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting or commenting as much as I was doing during November. Hopefully, I’ll be able to pick it back up soon.

I Need to Wash My Brain

A few years ago (6 to be exact), I put up a story about a woman I used to work with that I called TMI Lady because of her habit of telling people a lot of personal things in her life that she should’ve kept to herself.

A few weeks ago, I told you about a guy I currently work with who believes he’s an outdoorsman because a Facebook quiz told him he was a redneck and he watched hunting videos.

I’m starting to think these two people are related in some way because he’s started telling me things about himself, and his personal life, that I never wanted to know and shouldn’t be told to anyone else. Not only did he tell me, I heard him telling other people (who looked just as disturbed as I was) these things as well. Normally, I don’t believe in inflicting discomfort on others, but in this case since I had to hear this crap, I’m forwarding the TMI to you all too.

In the past few weeks, he’s told me the following:

* He and his newlywed wife haven’t had sex in over two weeks.

* When they do have sex, because they are religious and don’t believe in using condoms, their preferred method of birth control is pulling out.

* On their honeymoon, he injured his neck somehow, so he bought his wife a vibrator to use if his neck was hurting too badly to perform his duties.

* He was going to an interview for a second job straight from clocking out at our place of employment. He told me he wasn’t going to poop until after it was over because he’s a bigger guy, which means he sometimes has problems completely wiping his butt, and he didn’t want to go to his interview smelling like crap.

None of that was anything I wanted to hear. I tried walking away when he was telling me these things, but he kept following me. I’m also still new enough at my job that being openly rude to someone (by telling them to shut the hell up) could end up biting me in the behind.