Dead Set Part 24


Christian and DS looked for their targets for the entire night, with no luck. They went to Father Michaels hideout, but found nothing there either. Finally, completely exhausted, DS demanded that they rest. The eternal agreed. DS wasn’t about to go to sleep without getting some answers first. “Who was that guy last night? And how exactly did Gabriel come back from the dead? What the hell is going on here?”

Christian shook his head. It couldn’t hurt to tell him, he thought. “Fine. His name is Shadow. He’s an eternal, like me. Gabriel was sent back from the afterlife by Death. As to what’s going on, I have no clue. But whatever it is, it’s not good for me.”

“Oh, great. So you’re just gonna take me down with you?”

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Dead Set Part 23


Darkness. Emptiness. Void. There is nothing, not even herself. The world is gone. Everything has disappeared. She was scared. She wanted her Mommy, but she was gone too. She wanted to scream, to cry, but you can’t do that when you don’t exist. Finally, a light appears to save her once again.

Bethany opened her eyes. She screamed as she stared at her nightlight. Her grandfather had bought her that one to replace the one that was broken when he had fought with Bethany’s father. It was special, then, because it came from him. Now, it was special because it rescued her from her recurring nightmares. Even during the day, she found it’s presence comforting, but didn’t know why. Her mother ran into the room.

“What’s the matter, baby,” she asked, although she already knew the answer.

“I had the dream again,” Bethany replied, still crying.

“It’ll be ok, honey. These dreams will pass.”

Samantha wasn’t so sure, though. She had a premonition that her father and DS would come to her, but they hadn’t. Something had gone wrong. Her visions didn’t always come true, but they had only changed before when she had somehow gotten involved. This time, she did nothing and it still changed. Something bad was going to happen. All she had to do is figure out what.

After getting Bethany back to sleep, she focused herself. Normally, this is when she would see the future, but there was nothing. All she saw was darkness, a never ending void. She saw Bethany’s dream. Awakening from her trance, she knew why her daughter was afraid. She was afraid, too. Something bad was going to happen, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Continue reading

Dead Set Part 22


DS jumped awake. A smack to the back of the head tends to do that. Looking up, he saw Christian standing over him with a smirk on his face. “Was that necessary,” he asked the eternal.

“I needed something to wake your ass up. Besides, there’s a story on the news that we should see.”

The newscaster began, “To recap our top story, we now have footage of the men who have been terrorizing our streets at night. This video was shot last night by a security camera. The Rosewood Hills Police Department asks that if you see either of these men, you contact them immediately. Do not engage them in any way. They are armed and very dangerous.” Continue reading

Dead Set Part 21


“You killed Gabriel,” Christian muttered as he moved towards the assassin.

“We were fighting. It was either him or me,” DS argued.

“Now it’s going to be you.”

“Come on,” DS pleaded. “He had a gun. I thought he was gonna hurt my daughter. What would you have done?”

Christian stopped for a moment, thinking about what DS had said. “Good point, but if you want to continue living, you’ve gotta help me track Gabriel down. Don’t ask how he’s back. It’s too long of a story.” Continue reading

Dead Set Part 20


“It’s been awhile, Mountain,” DS told his companion.

“Let’s skip the small talk,” Mountain replied. “Let’s get down to business.”

“Your mark is first. Fill me in on the details.”

“Serial killer. Name unknown. Random victims, all killed with a crossbow. There were crosses left at every scene. We’re thinking it’s some kind of religious fanatic.”

“Anything else?” Continue reading

Dead Set Part 18


“Death,” Christian screamed. “Show yourself!”

Laughter erupted from all around the blackness. Christian, already more enraged than he had ever been, became angrier. Once again, after a few seconds, a bright light flared and the two doors appeared. After his vision had cleared, he saw Death standing between the two doors. He stood silently, mocking Christian’s rage. When he was finally done laughing, he asked, “Why so angry, Life?”

“Let go of my son,” Christian demanded. Continue reading