Haunted Angel Part 2

I shot three quick bursts at the creature. After taking nine bullets to the head, it simply laughed at me. The lights suddenly flickered and the creature was not alone. Demonic versions of my entire team now surrounding me. ” Oh… fuck , ” I muttered, as a sense of utter dread overcame me.

Panicking, I began firing at the entire room, not really aiming at anything specific. About the only thing I accomplished is shooting out the light. I quickly flipped on my night – vision goggles. Unfortunately, they were still there , but it seemed like they couldn’t see me, because they were all standing around looking confused. One of them swiped at air. Crouching down, I slowly started to back away as quitly as I could. Apparently, I wasn’t quiet enough.

They began stalking me. Moving ever closer, they took random swings in hopes of finding me. ” Ahh,” Lead said. “He’s figured out that we are blind to him. Does it feel good knowing that you have a tactical advantage over us? It doesn’t matter. You’re still not going to make it out of this room alive.”

He’s trying to scare me into giving away my position. Silently, I took off my headset and threw it across the room. Four of them stopped and started to move in that direction. Lead looked right at me. ” Did you really think that would work, Angel?” he asked.

The door was not far. I needed to make a distraction. Pulling out a grenade, I pulled the pin and threw it in front of Lead. I took off running. The grenade went off and I was momentarily blinded. Dammit! It was a flashbang. The demons groaned in frustration and I ran right into the door. I felt the blood start running out of my nose. After feeling around for the knob, I found it and got my ass out of there.

Locking it behind me, I took off running again. I heard the door shatter behind me, but I didn’t turn around. I kept running. Taking many twists and turns as possible, I began to think I had lost them. It seemed as though my problems were over, but unfortunately, I had forgot one critical element in my mad dash. There were still soldiers in this place. That thought had escaped my mind until I ran into a whole squadron of them.

One of them yelled for me to stop. Instead, I shot him in the throat as I dove for cover. Bullets whizzed by me. A few even managed to nick me, but none were even close to serious. Kneeling behind a large box, I chucked a grenade off to my right. Pivoting left, I used the ensuing explossion to cover my gunfire. Three down, about 30 more to go. At this rate those monsters won’t have to kill me. These soldiers will do that for them.

While I was trying to think of a way out of this impossible mess. Shouts of terror came from the soldiers behind me. I dared a look. The three soldiers I had just killed had turned into demons and started killing the others. The entire courtyard filled with the sounds of gunfire and explosions. Shit! Not only do I have to get out of this place in the middle of a war, I have to do it without killing anyone else or they’ll turn into one of those monsters.

“There he is!”

Turning, I saw my team coming after me. There was no way out. I was dead.

3 comments on “Haunted Angel Part 2

  1. majaalifee says:

    Beautiful writing, have a great weekend !

  2. The Hook says:

    “I shot three quick bursts at the creature. After taking nine bullets to the head, it simply laughed at me.”

    Fantastic opening line.

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