Another Handwriting to Text Story

Back in November, I published a number of posts containing parts of a story I wrote way back when I still used notebooks and pens. I found an app for my phone that took my old handwritten stories and converted them to text files. It’s not a perfect technology, but it is a lot easier to do than going back and typing it all out myself. Since it worked relatively well for that last story, I began looking through some of my other notebooks for other stories I might be able to put up here and I think I found one.

My longest solo story, as far as number of chapters anyway, that I’ve posted on this blog is Dead Set. I doubt many of you reading this know what that story is because it’s been many years since I’ve posted it. The final chapter posted in 2014, to be exact. Since most of you don’t know the story behind Dead Set, I’ll give a quick recap of it: when I first started writing it, it was supposed to be turned into a comic book. I had an artist who originally was on board with drawing it for me. He went as far as coming up with a number of character concept renderings before dropping out without any explanation. I kept writing, hoping to find another artist, but never did.

Back then, I hoped that I could take Dead Set and turn it into my own comic book universe. Unfortunately, that wasn’t meant to be, but to that end, I did start writing a spinoff of Dead Set that told what happened to one of the characters of Dead Set that was written out of the main story, although he wasn’t the main character in the spinoff story. In fact, in the four chapters of the spinoff that I finished, the name of the Dead Set character is never mentioned, but if you’d read Dead Set you’d recognize him.

Using the app, I’ve gotten the first two chapters scanned and digitized. I will schedule those for publication and work on getting the last two scanned. If you are new to the Dead Set universe, or simply want to refamiliarize yourself with the story, click the link in the second paragraph or in the My Stories page.

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