Reaper of the Whirlwind

He stood at the center while everything flowed around him. Chaos surrounded him, circling his body with the blowing wind. Everyone else had run for cover, but not him. Never him.

He knew how to use this power, to harness it.

His arms shot out wide to touch the swirling winds as they blew past him. At first, he struggled to keep them steady against the push of air. Then, he began to turn with it. Faster and faster he spun in the wind’s direction. It wasn’t long until it was sucked into him. He and the whirlwind became one.

Everything became a blur. He was moving so fast it felt like he was standing still. All around him things either went flying away or were brought into his vortex. He smiled. There was only one thing to do with this power and all of the people who had ever wronged him would soon regret their decisions.

That is, unless they, too, knew how to reap the whirlwind.

Revis "......."

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