My very first blog!!!

My beautiful wife has started her own blog. Head on over and check it out!

The Life and Thoughts of Mrs. Revis

Hey, my name is Mrs. Revis, I am a wife to the most amazing man of 12 years(married 12, together for 19ish years, I tell people I had to make sure he was the right one, Lol) he is known as Revis Edgewater as he too blogs, I am a mother to two crazy, sassy, beautiful girls, one of which we just adopted, they will be known as Baby E who just turned 9 and Baby J who is 13. I also work in clinical triage for the orthopedic department of the hospital I work for. When I am not working, I am hanging with my family, or coaching Baby E volleyball team(first time doing this), or watch Baby E and Baby J play soccer. I decided to start blogging mainly to not only put my thoughts of everything and anything I want out there and to help others as…

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2 comments on “My very first blog!!!

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Followed. Looking forward to reading more, dear Revis.

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