A Ghost Story, Part 13

Part 13 is ready for you to read over at the Matticus Kingdom! What will happen next? And what does Cyclops of the X-Men have to do with our story?

Well… nothing. He’s not involved in it in any shape or form. But, you should check it out anyway!

The Matticus Kingdom

Lucky number 13? Cursed number 13? Read on and find out as Revis and I bring you another segment of our little tale of family and demons. As always, we hope you enjoy.


Jake started chanting again but the demon rushed at them, even faster than it had when it still inhabited his mother’s body, and Jake felt himself yanked aside just before the creature could slash him with its clawed hands. The demon roared and spun towards him again, slashing with its hands, trying to grab him and puncture him at the same time, and once again Jake felt himself moved aside just in time.

It was a very weird sensation to be so detached from what his own body was doing. He didn’t have much time to dwell on it though as the demon rushed at him again and again. Each time it missed it snarled louder…

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