Mother Nature is Mocking Me

I work in a grocery warehouse. When one works with groceries, it means that there’s 3 different temperature zones you have to deal with: ambient (room temperature), refrigerated, and frozen. Most of the time, I’m only in one of the cold zones for no more than a minute or two at a time. Tuesday, however, I needed to be in the refrigerator for a little more than an hour. Because this happens from time to time, I keep a jacket in my car just in case.

After doing what I needed to do in the fridge, I went to take my jacket back out to my car. It was raining when I walked outside, but not much. Not much, that is, until I stepped out from underneath the covered sidewalk in front of the building. As soon as I did, the rain began to pour. My car wasn’t very far away, but by the time I reached it I was soaked. As I was already dripping wet, I didn’t rush back to the covered part of the sidewalk. There was no point.

It was also equally pointless because as soon as I stepped foot back underneath the covered sidewalk, the rain let up, almost to the point where it stopped completely. I stood there for a second shaking my head before my supervisor came walking up to me laughing his ass off. “That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. It literally only rained hard while you were out in the parking lot.”

“Thanks. I’m glad you found it humorous. Why don’t you take that cigarette you’re smoking and shove it up your ass?”

Ok, I didn’t actually say that to him. I wanted to, but my need for employment made me hold my tongue.

And that’s not the only time. In fact, similar things happened twice today. Earlier this morning, it was raining when I went out to make a delivery, so I put on a poncho. When I got to my destination, it had stopped. I thought about taking the poncho off, but I knew the moment I did the rain would start again. So, I left it on… and the rain never came.

Not then, at least. The rain waited to come back right when I was unloading the first part of my last delivery. My poncho was sitting on the passenger seat and I’d hoped that I could get everything unloaded before I got too wet. I was wrong. I was soaked once more and, to top it all off, the rain stopped right when I started pulling away to go back to the warehouse.

I’m not sure what I did to Mother Nature to make her torment me like she is, but she needs to stop. It’s getting highly annoying.

4 comments on “Mother Nature is Mocking Me

  1. djmatticus says:

    Rain hog. So rude, keeping it all to yourself like that. Share some with me, would ya? Sheesh

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