A Ghost Story Part 11

Head on over to The Matticus Kingdom and check in on what’s happening over at Jake’s house! Is his mom a demon? Will his dad help him save her if she is? Did Jake empty the dishwasher like he was supposed to? Find out the answers to some of those questions in Part 11 of A Ghost Story!

The Matticus Kingdom

Revis and I are back and things are getting explosive. That might be a bit of foreshadowing… Read on to see what I mean.


“Dad? Shouldn’t we stay?”

It felt weird using the word “dad.” It wasn’t something he was used to saying. Jake’s mom hadn’t talked about him much and growing up without him, not having a father was what he knew, so Jake never felt the need to ask a lot of questions.

“You should run,” his father replied.

Jake studied the ghost next to him. In their very short time together he had seen a lot of different emotions displayed on his dad’s face. In that moment there was a look of determination. But, the ghost wasn’t looking at Jake. It was looking at the house.

The ghost began to slide forward and Jake asked, “Where are you going?”

“You should run,” his father repeated.


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2 comments on “A Ghost Story Part 11

  1. djmatticus says:

    Shoot. Forget to empty the dishwasher!!
    Wait… Worse than that, I forgot to run it!!

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