Come See Me Cincinnati!

Any other Cincinnati area people here?

Matt Roberts

Hey Cincinnati, OH locals and those who live around there, I’m going to be selling autographed copies of my book in person on Saturday, February 22nd at Wyoming Community Coffee in Wyoming alongside the most excellent, Cincy Book Bus!

I discovered the Cincy Book Bus just the other day and discovered she donates her proceeds to purchase children’s books for local schools. So I decided I would donate 5 copies of my book, all autographed (as if that’s a selling point), and all of the proceeds will of course go to her charity! I’ll be there in the morning from 9 to noon, so make sure you stop by, have a look at the books, help an awesome cause, and of course get yourself a cuppa Joe!

For more information, check out their respective websites and make sure to like and follow them on Facebook!

Wyoming Community Coffee


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