Fantasy Football Part 4

It’s the next installment of the blog hopping story written by Matticus and myself. Be sure to go over there and check it out.

The Matticus Kingdom

Revis and I are back with the next installment in our fantastical fantasy football story.  We hope you enjoy.  I mean, how could you not?  Isn’t Fantasy Football all the rage these days?

Not sure what’s going on?  This LINK will take you back to the beginning. 


The players devoured their stew, with much grumbling, but as Plex had noted earlier while they were complaining about the smell in line, their joint complaint actually seemed to bring them closer.  It was outrageous that the dragon had changed up the teams and then even more outrageous that the beast wasn’t giving the new teams ample time to train together.  Plus, those teams playing in the first game were at even more of a disadvantage because they wouldn’t have as much time to practice as the other four teams.  Perhaps the dragon would rectify that for the remaining games but given…

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