Game of Thrones

It seems like half of my newsfeed on Facebook the past couple of weeks has been about Game of Thrones. Out of those posts, half of them were talking about how they’re excited for this new season, while the other half are bragging about how they’ve never seen a single episode. In fact, I think five different friends of mine posted the same picture that said “I’m part of the 1% of the population that hasn’t seen a single episode of Game of Thrones”. Given how many people I’ve seen share that picture, I doubt the validity of the math on that one.

I, myself, am in the latter group. I have never seen an episode of the show.

When it was only a season or two along, I was thinking about giving it a try. Then, in an ironic twist, it was somebody who was trying to talk me into watching the show that ended up talking me out of it. He said, and I quote, “You should watch Game of Thrones. It’s a good show, once you get past the incest.”

Ummmm…… excuse me?

Incest? No thanks. I’ll just be over here in the incest free zone.

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