I just got done watching the third (and final) season of Dark Matter on Netflix (if you haven’t given this show a chance, you’re missing out) and I’m angry about its cancellation all over again. I would love to be able to give it at least one more season, if for no other reason than to tie up all of the storylines.

A few days ago, my team lead said something similar, except he would like to do a reboot of the show Heroes. He likes the first season, but the rest of the series kind of blows. His idea was to start completely over and to get rid of all the inconsistencies in the story that were added during the later seasons.

So, that got me to thinking: if someone from a TV network or streaming service, like Netflix, told me that they would let me develop shows based on any property that weren’t currently in use, what would they be?


1. This one should be easy for you to figure out, since I said it in the opening paragraph, but I would definitely pick up Dark Matter for a fourth season. It really irritated me when SYFY cancelled it, especially since I heard that it had good enough ratings to be renewed. The story of the Raza and her crew was far from over. I will never forgive SYFY for this grave injustice and I hope that the people who decided to cancel it get a persistent itch in a very uncomfortable place.

2. Playmakers – This show had two things working against it. It was ahead of its time and it was on the wrong network. This was a show about a fictional football team that aired on ESPN back in 2003. I say it was ahead of its time because the show was about the players’ personal lives as much as it was about football. It tackled issues back then such as drug use, spousal abuse, and homosexuality among players, topics that weren’t talked about until recently out here in the real world. I say it was on the wrong network because, despite the fact that it got good enough ratings, ESPN cancelled it because the NFL didn’t like how the show portrayed professional football players and ESPN wasn’t going to risk angering the NFL over it.

Obviously, sixteen years have passed since the show aired, so none of the characters from the original cast would still be playing, so I’d start over with new players and bring back a couple of the old players and have them be coaches on the team now.

3. The Last Starfighter – A few years ago, I said that I would like to do a sequel to this movie, but after thinking about this today, I think it would actually work better as a television show. It would start right after the movie ended, meaning I would have to recast all of the roles, and I’d call it The First Starfighter. The show would revolve around Alex Rogan, his girlfriend Maggie, and his alien copilot Grig. They would have to balance trying to rebuild the Starfighter corps while also still having to go on missions to defend the Star League.

I could go on and on, because there is no shortage of TV shows that were cancelled before their time (Firefly, Travelers, Daredevil), but I’ll stick with just those three for now.

What about you? What would you do?

4 comments on “Revivals

  1. djmatticus says:

    Firefly – at least one more season to tie up the storylines left open.
    The Punisher – as many seasons as the current crop of actors and writers are willing to sign on for.
    Deadwood – at least one more season… But, I’d take as many as I could get.
    Dead Like Me – again, at least one more season to tie up the storylines, especially to find to find out what Georgia’s connection to the gravelings is.
    The Dark Tower – reboot, as if the movie never happened and do all seven books as TV shows to really dive into the characters and the world.

    • I would love for them to do more Firefly but both Joss Whedon and all the actors have said it’s never going to happen. Plus, I heard that Joss said that if he did do Firefly again, it would be a reboot and not a continuation of the previous storylines.
      The Punisher was a really good show. Netflix did a good job with it… until they canceled it anyway.
      I haven’t seen any of the other ones, so I can’t really comment on them.

      • djmatticus says:

        I think you’d get a kick out of dead like me. It’s an interesting premise, splendid writing, and well acted… Crass and crude and in your face at times and very subtle at others. If you see it somewhere you can watch the first episode give it a whirl.
        Meant to say I like your idea of doing some new last star fighter as a series. Definitely think they could do some good stories with that.

        • They could definitely do some good things with it. There’s so many different things that would be going on at that point in time. They’d need to rebuild the Starfighter corps. They’d need to defend the Star League. The relationship between Alex and Maggie while she’s adjusting to living on a strange planet. I’m sure that at least one member of the attacking armada survived, or some of their allies did anyway, so they would have an easy villain who would be looking for revenge.

          I need to find someone who works in television to pitch these ideas to…

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