Heart Mini

On Sunday, my wife, father in law, sister in law, and I participated in Cincinnati’s Heart Mini Marathon. We (along with 26,000 other people) did the 5k walk among the city streets to raise money for the American Heart Association. This is a cause close to all of us. My wife and her sister lost their mother (and my father in law, his wife) to a heart attack when she was only 45.

My mother has had heart surgery herself.

This is the fourth year that they have participated in the event, but it’s only my first. The previous three years, I wanted to join them, but someone had to stay home with Baby E and my sister in law’s kids. This year, my sister in law’s husband watched their kids while Baby E spent some time with my dad and stepmom.

It was a great event. The streets were packed. The weather was good. We all enjoyed ourselves.

…. until the next day.

Before the walk, I said that the 5k was only like three miles and I average about five miles of walking each day at work so It should be a piece of cake. There are a couple of flaws in that logic, however. First, while I walk more on a daily basis, it’s spread out over a longer period of time. My normal five miles is done over an eight hour shift while we finished the 5k in a little over an hour. Second, there are no hills in my warehouse. There are hills in Cincinnati.

My feet and calves did not like me on Monday morning…

Oh well. It was for a good cause and, provided we find someone to watch Baby E again, I’ll be doing it again next year.

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3 comments on “Heart Mini

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    Good that you were able to particpate this year.

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    It’s heart major. Every bit helps.

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