The Fire

It spread. It kept on spreading.

Flames soon engulfed the whole area. Things that once were are now ash. Bright objects have now been scorched black. Creation was replaced by destruction.

In the middle of it all, she stood.

She reveled in the warmth. She reveled in the flames. She reveled in the vision of everything around being put to the fire.

For now, this one building would have to appease her. Soon, though, she would smile as she watched the whole world burn.

17 comments on “The Fire

  1. Holy Toledo! This girl is hot stuff for all the wrong reasons. I felt weird thinking about how warm she felt for burning stuff down and how she gets off on it. Very intriguing. Also I remember Beavis yelling “Fire! Fire!” – that was one of my favourites in the show. Just imitating their laughs now never fails to make me chuckle, that show was bonkers and brilliantly witty too.

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