In Real Life

Our tech room has a chamber in it that has two entrances. One goes through the tech room. The other comes out into my warehouse. Somehow, both of these doors got locked.

My team lead, who got the information from a temp, asked me to double check the door and see if it was indeed locked on my side. I checked and informed him that it was. His response was, “The maintenance guy is the only one with a key and he went home for the day. We really need to get in the room. See if you can pick the lock.”

If I were in a Final Fantasy game, my response would have been “…..”

I realize that in the fantasy worlds I sometimes inhabit I’m a thief/rogue. It would be an easy thing for me to pick a lock there. In the real world, however, not so much. I haven’t used my experience points to upgrade that particular skill here on Earth. It’s not very useful in my life as a warehouse worker/writer/father/husband. 

I didn’t have the slightest clue where to begin, but I told him I’d try. The only tools that I had available to me were a box cutter and a pair of scissors. Now, maybe someone with an aptitude for picking locks could do something with those two things, but all I was really doing was scratching the metal of the door knob.

Of course, about a minute after I started trying to open the door, the maintenance man, who had not gone home, walks in and demands to know what I’m doing. Apparently “failing miserably” was not the answer he wanted to hear. 

So, I had to stand there and be admonished for doing something that I was told to do by my team lead. 



8 comments on “In Real Life

  1. Twindaddy says:

    McGuyver could’ve done it.

  2. djmatticus says:

    Hmm… I feel like you could have done it if you’d had more time. Also, hooray for terrible leads.

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