I Don’t Get It

A girl that works with me took a half day off for a doctor appointment.

There’s nothing wrong with that. People get sick. People have to go to the doctor. It happens. It’s normally something I don’t give much thought to.

It’s not that the girl took half a day off to go to the doctor that’s making me say that I don’t get it. It’s how she took the half day off that’s confusing me. 

She works from 8-4:30. Because the other company in the building goes to lunch at noon, our employees take theirs at 12:30 to avoid overcrowding the breakroom. She came in at noon and then took a half hour lunch with everyone else at 12:30.

WTF, mate? 

Why do it that way? Not only would it make more sense to come in at 12:30 and work her 4 hours straight through, it also would’ve meant a half hour not spent at work for no reason. I can think of plenty of things much better to do with 30 minutes than sit with coworkers when I don’t have to. 

WTF, mate? 


3 comments on “I Don’t Get It

  1. djmatticus says:

    Some people like their coworkers. I know. It’s weird.

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