Little Victories 

The longer I’m at my job, the more I’m growing to despise it. While the work itself isn’t hard, it is pretty monotonous. I used to be able to power through that by playing songs in my head, since we’re not allowed to listen to music. I can’t do that anymore because of the people I work with, who make me wish I could call in every day of the week. They never leave me the hell alone. 

I don’t really like anyone that I work with anymore. There’s a few that are ok, but, for the most part, they all annoy rhe crap out of me. Out of the dozens of people here, there are maybe 2 or 3 that I would even consider hanging out with outside of work. And I probably still wouldn’t. 

So, in order to make my time spent on the job remotely tolerable, I’ve began messing with my team lead. While we’re not overly fond of each other, we’ve worked together long enough that we can get along. Lately, I’ve been playing a game to see if I can say something that will get him to just shake his head and walk away. Since he’s used to my antics, it’s not easy, but here are a couple of times that it’s worked.

  • He asked me why I was taking so long to get something done, so I responded, “Well, I was doing that, but then (our boss) told me to do something else. So, I did that. Then, I went to the bathroom and took a righteous dump. There were several casualties, but everyone survived. Now, I’m finishing up what you asked me to do.”
  • They recently got new computers. One of them, which is pretty much only used by me, has been acting up since it was set up. It will sporadically act like it’s going into hibernation mode, but it’ll only last for 5 seconds. This is very disruptive for me since I have to enter in information on it. When I first told him about it, he said he didn’t think it could be that bad, to which I replied, “I know. I didn’t think anything could mess up as much as you do, but I actually found it.”
  • He told me that some side project needed to be finished by a certain time. I told him, “You know, with as much shit as you give me, you’d think I’d have one to give. But I don’t…”

There are more, but they’re more of a “you have to work here in order to get it” variety. So, I’ll leave you with those.


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