In the Background 

A noise outside got his attention as he sat on the couch and watched TV. He got up, walked to the window, and peeked out through the blinds. Outside of his house, all of his neighbors were on the sidewalk having some kind of party. The people were all talking, laughing, listening, or crying. It was something that he normally wouldn’t do, but it looked like fun.

So, he walked outside.

A few people noticed him at first, but most paid  him no heed. Undeterred, he walked from group to group. He would talk a little, laugh a little, listen a little, and cry a little. Most of his neighbors were nice and acted politely towards him. Still, he could tell that he was out of place among them. They were great people, but they weren’t him.
As the party went on, he found that the more he talked, the less people listened.

His thoughts first turned to anger. How could they treat him this way? Instead of giving in to the anger, he took a step back and began watching from a distance. People continued on with what they were doing. A few of them even took the time to break out of their groups to walk over and talk to him. For some reason, this made him happier than if everyone at the party gave him their undivided attention.

He realized that he didn’t need everyone to notice him. He didn’t need for all the people to know he was there. All he needed was the right people to see him.

A smile crossed his face as he slid back into the shadows. He watched. He listened. Everything went on like normal without him getting in the way. He was at peace.

Things were better now that he had taken his place, had faded into the background.

2 comments on “In the Background 

  1. I like this. Even the “or something” hashtag.

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