Truths and a Lie

I’ve seen these kinds of posts before. The first person I saw do one was actually my brother. Since I already knew the answer to that one, it wasn’t all that fun to me. During this NaBloPoMo festival, I’ve seen other people do them. These were a lot more interesting to me. So, I have decided to go ahead and do one of my own.

I think everyone else did 5, but I’m just going to go with however many pop into my head. All of these things about either myself or a family member are true, except for one. Like all good lies, however, there will be a grain of truth to it. I’m also pretty sure that I’ve said most, if not all, of these things on this blog or in the comments at some point. Let’s see how this goes . 

  1. I have never smoked pot.
  2. My birthday is the same as my stepmother’s, except for the year.
  3. My wife’s birthday is the same as my stepsister’s, year included.
  4. I graduated high school with a guy who ended up on the cover of the Madden NFL video game.
  5. I went to 4 different high schools.
  6. They  threatened to kick me, my older brother, and our friend out of school during my freshman year for sexual harassment  because we wrote a song that basically  called my friend’s ex a whore.

    Ok. I ended up with one extra one. Feel free to guess down in the comments below. I will reveal the answer, but not  for a few days. I want to give anyone who may want to take a guess a chance to do so.

    8 comments on “Truths and a Lie

    1. djmatticus says:

      OoO, a game. Hmm…
      Tough choice. I want to say they are all true, but I don’t think you’d be that tricky.
      So, I guess it’s #3.

    2. […] I offered forth six tidbits. Five of them were true. One was a lie. The original post can be read here, if you’re so […]

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