Spider-Man Fan Fiction Part 5

Morbius dropped the limp form of his victim when he saw Spider-Man standing there. For a second, he did nothing. It appeared that the vampire was having an internal struggle on what to do next. Spider-Man didn’t want to wait too much longer, not if the thuggish man might still be alive. He took two steps forward with his hands raised in a placating manner.

The vampire wanted nothing to do with it. Morbius ran in the opposite direction. Spider-Man quickly ran to where the bleeding man lay. Kneeling down, he put his finger on the man’s neck, Spider-Man couldn’t feel a pulse. He was too late. Leaping back up, he took off in pursuit of the killer.

A hundred yards ahead, he saw moonlight pouring down from above. Morbius had gone back above ground. Not knowing where this manhole went, Spider-Man was slightly cautious as he tried to exit. Just as his head was about to come out of the manhole, his spider-sense went crazy. He ducked down in time to avoid the semi that drove over top of him.

His head popped up without a problem the second time. He looked all around as he stepped out onto the street. His spider-sense began tingling again. He turned in time to see Morbius swoop down out of the sky and slam hard into him. Spider-Man flew backwards into an empty bus stop. Metal dented and Plexiglas cracked, but it stopped him. Morbius landed in the street, five feet in front of him.

“Stay out of this, Spider-Man,” Morbius warned. “I don’t want to hurt you. You’ve done a lot of good for this city and you don’t deserve my wrath.”

“What about the people you left to rot in the sewers,” Spider-Man countered.

“They are robbers, child abusers, and rapists. They are not worthy of the blood I took from them.”

“Why are you doing this, Dr. Morbius?”

“Ah, so you know who I am,” he smiled sadly with his vampire fangs.. “Well, who I was, anyway. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Why have you stolen this equipment? To make yourself stronger?”

“Am I a Bond villain? Is this the part of the movie where I tell you all about my nefarious plans? I don’t think so, Spider-Man. The less you know, the less you can interfere with me.”

“There’s no telling what you can do with these things. If you’re not going to tell me what you’re planning on doing with them, I can only assume that it’s not good and I’m going to stop you.”

Morbius took one step forward and flew straight at Spider-Man. Shooting a web, he managed to pull himself out of the way as the vampire crashed into the bus stop, demolishing it. The vampire swung back around. Spider-Man shot a strand of web at Morbius, aiming to hit him in thee eyes and blind him. Using one of his forearms, Morbius blocked the webbing from hitting his face.

Spider-Man swung towards him, his feet leading. Even though Morbius blocked his planned attack, he hoped that it would distract him enough to get a powerful kick in. It wasn’t. As soon as he came within reach, Morbius grabbed Spider-Man’s ankle and threw him towards the ground. The strength behind the throw surprised him. He knew it shouldn’t, because he’d seen how Morbius threw that dumpster, but it still did.

Peter managed to latch onto a nearby building with a web and swung upwards at the last second to avoid colliding with the ground. Unfortunately, it put him right back in line with Morbius, who tackled him in midair. Spider-Man punched Morbius in the back a couple of times before the duo hit the concrete of the sidewalk. The breath blasted out of his lungs, Spider-Man gasped for a few seconds to recover his air. It was a task made more difficult by the weight of the vampire laying on top of him.

Before he could refill his lungs all the way, Morbius moved into a straddling position over him. The vampire drew his fist back and let loose a powerful punch that caught Peter in the cheek. Spider-Man raised his hand in an attempt to block the next blow, but Morbius’ fist went right through it. Another strike landed, this time from the other side. As his vision began to swim, he realized that he had never been hit this hard by just a punch before.

He braced as much as he could for another attack, but it never came. Instead, Morbius grabbed the back of Spider-Man’s mask and pulled his face close so they were almost touching noses. “I will let you go this one time, Spider-Man,” Morbius told him. “As I said, you have done good for this city. You don’t deserve my wrath. If you interfere with me again, however, I will not be so merciful. Next time, I will feast on your blood.”

Morbius pushed his head back, making it strike the sidewalk. A new wave of blurry vision hit him as the vampire stood up and flew off, leaving Spider-Man a mess on the ground.

4 comments on “Spider-Man Fan Fiction Part 5

  1. djmatticus says:

    Oh No!! Poor spidey. What will he think of to defeat the vampire? It’s a mystery. Great stuff, Revis.

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