Looking Back: Garth Brooks

I don’t know if I will call Looking Back a series. I really only have one other one I’m planning on doing, but it might be an idea that I use again later. So, for now, please enjoy the first Looking Back post I’m writing.

The basic premise of these Looking Back posts is me listing a movie, song, or TV show that meant one thing to me back when I was younger and means something different looking back on it now. This first one is about a few different songs by Garth Brooks.

Song 1: Friends in Low Places

Back Then: Garth finds some drinking buddies after his woman dumps him because he isn’t classy enough.

Now: Garth  is an asshole who just ruined the wedding of his ex.

The lyrics never actually come out and say it’s a wedding, but the signs point there. It’s a “black tie affair” where people are toasting with champagne. That doesn’t rule out the possibility of it being something else, but it honestly doesn’t matter. Either way, Garth is an asshole who crashes a party thrown by an ex and her new man.

Get over it, Garth. Get over it.

Song 2: That Summer

Back Then: Garth was reminiscing about his first time.

Now: Garth is creepily obsessed with the cougar he lost his virginity to.

After the first couple of verses, it was still ok. Then, when you get to the last one, it becomes creepy. He says things like “And I have rarely held another when I haven’t seen her face,” and “Every time I pass a wheat field and watch it dancing in the wind, although I know it isn’t real I just can’t help but feel her hungry arms again”

Ok, calm down Garth. Once again, I’m going to have to tell you to get over it. Even if she was the best lay in the world, this reaction is a little much. Keep her in your spank bank, but other than that, let it go. It’s not worth it.

2 comments on “Looking Back: Garth Brooks

  1. Twindaddy says:

    That’s As Close As I’ll Get To Loving You by Aaron Tippin used to be a song I liked. Now when I listen to it the dude just sounds creepy.

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