Spider-Man Fan Fiction Part 2

Peter arrived at Dr. Connors classroom before the class had ended. Since there was only a few minutes left, and Dr. Connors would get angry if he interrupted, he stood in the doorway until it was finished. As he watched his teacher go over a lesson that he had already learned, he was amazed at how Dr. Connors was able to mesmerize him with the lecture. This was something he knew by heart and yet he found himself hanging on every word.

The bell rang and the students began pouring out of the room. Most of them bumped into him as he tried to get past them in to see the doctor. “With great power comes great responsibility,” Uncle Ben’s voice sounded in his head, reminding him to restrain himself from throttling the rude people who kept running into him as if he wasn’t even there.

“Peter Parker,” Dr. Connors smiled when Peter finally reached him. “What are you doing here?”

“I was hoping that you had some time to talk with me,” Peter confessed.

“Sure. What’s on your mind?”

“In private.”

Dr. Connors gave him a quizzical look, but it didn’t last long. “We’ll talk in my lab, then. I have an experiment I was wanting to check on anyway.”

As they walked across the campus to the lab, they made small talk. Peter asked how Dr. Connors’ classes were going. Dr. Connors asked about Peter’s job taking pictures for the Daily Bugle. Despite the fact that had been around the professor numerous times, and was used to it, his eyes would subconsciously wander down  to where Dr. Connors’ right arm should be. When Peter caught himself doing it, he’d quickly shift his eyes upward so he was looking at the man’s face. He wasn’t sure if the doctor ever caught him looking, but, if he did,he didn’t say anything.
When they finally reached the lab, Peter was blown away. It was far more advanced than he thought it would be. Dr. Connors smiled when he saw the look of awe on his student’s face. “You like what you see,” the doctor asked.

“It’s amazing,” Peter responded. “Are those sequencers?”

“Very good, Peter. Those are DNA sequencers. Do you know what it is they’re connected to?”

Peter followed the wires from the sequencers to a metal box about the size of loaf of bread. There were a couple of switches on the outside of the box, but it was otherwise unadorned. “No,” Peter admitted. “I don’t know what that is.”

Dr. Connors laughed. “That’s because I just invented it.”

“What does it do?”

The answer was lost to Peter as his spider sense warned him of imminent danger. He hesitated for a second. As much as he wanted to leap into action, he didn’t want to let on that he had any powers. Ducking down seconds before disaster struck meant that you could predict the future, or that you were somehow involved. While he wasn’t positive there were surveillance cameras in here, considering the cost of the equipment, it was a good bet that there was one.

So, to cover his movements, he hollered, “Do you hear that,” right before he lunged to pull Dr. Connors to the ground. It was the closest thing to a compromise that he could come up with on short notice. It should be a good enough excuse to get down before anything happened, while still trying to pull Dr. Connors out of the line of fire.

His moment of hesitation cost him, however. Just as he began moving, the wall next to them burst in and Dr. Connors fell backwards out of Peter’s reach. Peter got to his feet and found a black clad figure standing in the hole in the wall. Every piece of clothing he wore was pitch black, making it stand out against his white, almost grayish, skin. Most of the man’s nose was gone, as well.

Peter stood up quickly and found himself in between the other two. “Get out of my way, boy,” the man rasped. “This doesn’t concern you.”

“Dr. Connors,” Peter asked, turning to is teacher.

He tried to push his professor back and out of danger, but the man grabbed his shoulder as soon as he started moving. The speed the man moved with, and the quickness of his reflexes, baffled Peter. It confused him so much that he didn’t put up a fight when the black clad man lifted him bodily by his shoulder and flung him through the hole in the wall. “You were warned,” Peter heard as he flew away.

He landed about halfway through the other room and slid along the floor until he came to a hole in the wall as well. Looking through the hole, he saw that it led to the stairwell. Peter leapt to his feet and crawled through.  From his time on campus, he knew that there were no security cameras in the stairwells, so he was safe to don his costume. The two men’s  voices floates down to him as he changed .

“Who are you,” Dr. Connors demanded. “And what  do you want?”

“You don’t recognize me,” the man returned. “I’m insulted, Curt.”

A moment of silence followed. “No,” Dr. Connors denied. “It can’t be you. They told us you  were dead.”

“I wish I was,” he snarled. “It would have been better for everyone.”

“What do you want?”

“I’ll be taking this.”

“But it’s not been properly tested. I don’t know if it works correctly yet.”

“It’s never stopped me before.”

By then, Peter had finished putting on his costume. He rushed in through the holes and found Dr. Connors standing by himself. “Where did he go,” Spider-Man asked.

” He took it. He took it and jumped out the window .”

“Who was that?”

“A dead man.”

11 comments on “Spider-Man Fan Fiction Part 2

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    My senses are telling me that much more excitement is to come.

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