Prompt Post 3: Spider-Man Fan Fiction Part 1

Note: This takes place in the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire movie trilogy universe, not the regular comic book one. I’d also like to apologize in advance for all of the exposition at the beginning. I felt it was necessary, however, for those that either haven’t seen the movies, or haven’t watched them in a while and have forgotten what happens in them

A little over a year ago, he was in this exact same spot. Back then, he was resting with the love of his life right after he saved her from being killed by one of his heroes, his mentor. His eyes drifted to the spot in the water that the warehouse, and Dr. Otto Octavius, sank to the bottom of the river. As bad as all that was, it was far simpler than what he had been through lately.

His best friend had just died after helping him fight a rival from work and the man who shot and killed his uncle. That took place right after he was brainwashed into being a jerk to everyone in his life, including Mary Jane. Sure, they had reconciled, but things weren’t the same between them.

So, he had come out to this spot. The NYPD had begun sending dive teams down to the bottom of the river not long ago to try to salvage anything that may be left of Octavius’ machine. While Peter didn’t think they would actually find anything, he also didn’t want to take any chances. Besides, it helped keep his mind off of everything else.

He sat up high, watching the people as they worked for what seemed like hours. It could have been only a few minutes for all he could tell. After all, his costume didn’t feature a watch. Maybe I should look into adding one, he thought to himself. You never know when that may become a critical piece of information to have.

His mind soon devolved into a jumble of the pros and cons of wearing a watch while fighting crime. His contemplations were soon interrupted by the distant shouts of excited workers. It was followed immediately after by the sounds of one of the powerful wenches turning on. They had found something.

He wanted to swing down and get a closer look at what they were about to drag out of the water, but he knew he shouldn’t. Opinion of him was pretty much split right down the middle. Some people saw him as a hero. Others, as a menace. If he tried to get nearer and someone who wasn’t a fan of his saw him, it could cause a commotion that would make it impossible to see what he wanted to see. So, instead, he pulled out his camera and zoomed in as much as he could.

The wreckage that they pulled out looked very familiar to him. It was indeed part of the machinery that Octavius had sunk with. The wreckage was one of the machine’s curved arms, along with the panel that controlled the whole thing. He snapped a few pictures and thought about going home. After all, there wasn’t a whole lot for him to do here other than watch people work. Of course, as soon as that thought entered his head, that was when the cries of alarm began ringing out.

Gunshots soon followed as the police down below opened fire on something. From as far away as he was, it looked like the disturbance was a black form that was floating above the ground. Immediately, his heart dropped. The first thought that popped into his head was that it was a Goblin. That’s impossible, he shook the thought out of his head. Both men who had the Goblin Glider were now dead. Then again, there was a chance that someone else at Oscorp had access to the design. Maybe it was somebody new.

Regardless of who it was, or what the people below may think of him, he couldn’t sit back and watch anymore. He had to act.

As he swung down from his perch, the black form had reached the wreckage and yanked the control panel off of it. The force of his pull caused the structure to tip over. Two of the workers were cowering right where the piece of machinery was falling. Spider-Man had no choice. He had to save them before he gave chase.

With one hand on the swinging web, he shot another web out of his other. The web latched onto his target. To his dismay, however, once he started pulling on it, he saw that only one of the workers had been snared by his web. There wasn’t time to try another web. Determined to save one of them, he continued pulling on the web until the whole thing crashed into the ground.

Once the dust settled, he was surprised to see that both workers made it out. The second worker, seeing his comrade begin to slide away, grabbed ahold of the first’s ankle and hitched a ride out of there. Now that he didn’t have to worry about them any more, he turned his attention back to the black form.

Several police officers, plus a few other dock workers, pointed the fleeing form out. It was headed back towards the city. Whoever, or whatever, that was needed to be taken care of quickly before it either got away or put more people in danger. He swung away, chasing the black form as quickly as he could.

The black form maintained a healthy lead until they started getting deeper into the city. As the buildings grew talker, Spider-Man had more options to hook his webs to and he started catching up. When he closed to within about 100 yards, the black form turned abruptly down an alleyway. Spider-Man came up to the corner of the building at the edge of the alleyway and started to make the turn himself.

Suddenly, his spider sense started tingling.

On instinct, he let go of his web and fell towards the ground. A large, empty metal dumpster flew over his head, swishing through the spot he would’ve been in if he didn’t let go. The ground was coming up quickly, so he shot another web to try to catch himself. It was only partially successful. He still hit the ground, but not as hard as he would have. His forward momentum sent him tumbling for around ten feet before he was able to stop himself. It was painful, but he popped up almost immediately to look for his attacker. They were gone.

He double checked the surrounding areas, but there was no sign of the black form to be seen. His mind raced. Who could be behind it? All of the people he had known that were capable of throwing a dumpster like that were all dead. Well, whoever it was, he thought, they got away with the control panel. Even though he had seen it in action, there were other things it could possibly do. Unfortunately, the only lead he had was the picture he had taken of it. While it wasn’t much, it was better than nothing.

There was only one person he knew who might be able to tell him more about the device based on just the picture. He needed to talk to his college professor, Dr. Curt Connors.

6 comments on “Prompt Post 3: Spider-Man Fan Fiction Part 1

  1. djmatticus says:

    Oh!! So exciting. I can’t wait to read what happens next!!

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    I am on the edge of my seat. More please!

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