Prompt Post 1: Jaded’s Poem #1

In my last post, I asked for everyone to give me a writing prompt. The always awesome Jaded suggested that I write two poems: one serious, the other funny. Since I want to stretch these ideas out as much as I can, I will be posting them separately.

Here is the first one. I’ll leave it for the reader to figure out which poem this one is.

As I look deep into your eyes

All I feel is pain

I try to fight through

But the hurt remains


I cannot take it anymore

I can’t handle it

I never thought I’d say this

But I think we should quit


I know that you’re trying

You think you’re doing good

But loosen up your grip, babe

When you’re stroking on my wood


6 comments on “Prompt Post 1: Jaded’s Poem #1

  1. 1jaded1 says:

    You have a way about you. I’m reading all intensely and boom! Your last line is hilarious…except if it were actually happening to you…then ouch! Thank you dear Revis. 🙂

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