Wasted Vote

I don’t normally talk about politics here. Its a very divisive topic that leads to circular debates and heated arguments. The only reason I do so now is because I’ve been seeing something lately that’s been kind of bothering me: Posts by people saying that voting for a third party candidate is wasting your vote. 

Now, I realize that a third party candidate has just about as much chance of winning this election than I do of winning the lottery, but voting for one is not a wasted vote. 

You know what a wasted vote is? Voting for someone you don’t believe in. Judging by the two major nominees, voting for someone you don’t believe in is something that will happen a lot this year.

The person you vote for should be the person that you think will do the best job. That’s not how people do it nowadays. There are people who will vote for Trump because he’s a Republican, or because he’s a celebrity. There are people out there that will vote for Clinton because she’s a Democrat, or because she’s a woman. 

None of those are a good reason to vote for someone. 

A person’s celebrity  status, gender, or political party does not guarantee that they are going to make a good president. In fact, nothing will guarantee that. All you can do us vote for the person that you think will be the better president. 

 If you honestly believe that Trump or Hillary are the best candidate, then, by all means, vote for them. If you don’t, then use your vote for somebody else. Vote for Gary Johnson if you want to. Vote for a different third party candidate if you find one you like. Hell, vote for Peyton Manning if you feel he’s the best person for the job.

Just don’t let someone tell you that your vote is wasted if you don’t vote for one of the big two. 

Your vote is your voice. Let them hear you.


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