The Douchetard 

A couple of you, the few who are my friends on Facebook, know that I got a talking to at work yesterday because I called someone a douchetard. What I haven’t told yet is the story behind it. Yes, there is a story behind it. I don’t go calling people names for no reason…. usually. 


About a week ago, Baby E made me a bracelet at preschool. It’s a beaded thing with all different colors on it. She was so proud of it when she brought it home. The way her eyes lit up was magical. 

I would wear it around the house for her those first few days. Then, she started asking me to wear it to work. I didn’t really want to. Not because I didn’t want to wear it, but because I lift and move boxes all day. It’s not a sturdy thing abd I was afraid that it would break if I wore it to work. Eventually, her persistent nagging  (just like her mother…uhh, love you baby!) wore me down and I promised her I’d wear it at work.

Yesterday, I was showing a temp worker what to do. After a few minutes, he asked me about the bracelet. I told him that my daughter made it for me and I promised I’d wear it. He replied, “It’s stupid of you to wear it. It not like she knows whether or not you’re wearing it.”

As tempted as I was to slap the dumbass, I kept myself in check… for the most part. I explained, “It doesn’t matter that she can’t see if I’m wearing it. I told her I would, so I’m going to. It makes her happy and her happiness is a lot more important to me than the opinion of some idiotic douchetard.”

I turned and walked away before he said anything else to me. He went straight to my team lead and told on me. That lead to my team lead asking me if I did, in fact, call the guy a douchetard. I confirmed that I had.

“You shouldn’t have done that. Calling someone that is inappropriate workplace behavior.”

“So is acting like a douchetard, but I don’t see you talking to him.”

That was when he laughed a little and told me that he was only talking to me for appearances sake. He didn’t like the guy’s attitude either, but he had to pretend to yell at me so the guy didn’t go running back to the temp agency claiming that we mistreated their employees. 

I can understand that. Plus, as a bonus, I was no longer allowed to be around that guy anymore… which ended up being about another hour after that conversation. Apparently, he gave the same attitude he gave me to the owner’s son (not knowing who he was). He was promptly told to leave.

Ahhh, karma…

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