The Feels 

Today was an emotional day in my household. More so for my wife than me, but still…

Today was Baby E’s first day of preschool. 

Mrs. Revis was tearing up, or close to tearing up, most of the morning. I probably would have been more upset if Baby E wasn’t so excited to go. For the past two weeks, all she’s done is ask, “Am I going to school tomorrow,” and then getting upset when we said no. While I was sad, this was just another time where the phrase “They just grow up so fast” was proven to be true. 

During the week, when you’re at work, time comes grinding to a halt. The 8 hours spent working every day seem to take 16 hours to get through. Then, when you get home, the few hours there are between the time you arrive and the time your child (ren) go to sleep takes about 5 minutes. That’s what makes it so hard to believe that time is going so quickly. You spend all that time in the place where time stands still and it’s inconceivable that the rest of it goes by so fast that you barely register it. And, before you know it, they’re a lot older than they should be. Anyone who says time travel is impossible has never had kids.

Two weeks ago, Baby E was born and we brought her home from the hospital. A couple days later, she was crawing. A day later, she was walking and talking. Then she celebrated her first birthday. And her second… and third… then fourth.

Finally, today my big girl started preschool. She met her teacher and her classmates. She played outside with them and  came back in to color. And she was so excited by the whole process that she was still beaming when my wife picked her up a few hours later.

Daddy loves you, Baby E. Stop growing up so fast. 


4 comments on “The Feels 

  1. ksbeth says:

    awww, i completely understand. i’m a pre-k teacher (3s,4s, 5s), a mother of 3 grown daughters and 6 grandies. it is always much harder of the adults. –

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    This…print it and put it in her journal…or save it into her online journal. They do grow up fast. How was her first day at school?

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